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Buying a Service through blur


blur runs an e-commerce platform that enables buyers and sellers of business services to source, manage and deliver services online. So how does it work?

It’s simple:

1. You tell us what you need - ‘Start Your Project’ If you would like to buy a business service through blur, simply fill in our ’Brief app’, a 2-page form where you tell us all about the service you need - we call it your ‘Project’ - the budget you hav Learn more

Submitting your project brief


To tell us about the service you would like to buy through blur, complete and submit our ‘Brief app’. This is a 2-page form where you tell us all about the service you need - we call it your ‘Project’ - the budget you have and the date you need it delivered by.

To do this:

1. Go to blur’s Brief app.

2. Complete your contact information - this should be the main contact for the Project, and your business emai Learn more

Choosing your Membership plan


blur offers three types of Service Provider membership: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Each plan offers different privileges and access to blur’s Customers, insights and resources. Find out more about our Service Provider Plans here. When deciding which is the best Plan for your business. Consider how many projects you would like to submit proposals for (we call Learn more

Writing your Project Brief


It’s important you tell us as much as possible about your Project so that we have a good understanding of what you need and can find you the right Service Provider.

Consider these questions when writing your brief:

  • What is the business driver for your Project - why are you doing this Project?
  • What does success look like for you?
  • What are the key outcomes that the Project must deliver?
  • Do you have a preference about where your Service Pr Learn more

Deciding your Budget – Customer


Be realistic about what can be achieved with the budget you have to spend. Points to consider:

  • Do you have a final, maximum budget or are you happy to provide a guide only to our Service Providers
  • Will your budget be spread over a period of time. For example, is your budget $x per month, therefore a total of $x?
  • The budget you tell us will be exclusive of any taxes (VAT, Sales Tax)

When filling in the blur 'Brief app' - the form where yo Learn more

Agreeing Timescales


blur offers an efficient, quick turnaround from receiving your Project submission to providing you with a shortlist of proposals from Service Providers (we call them ‘pitches’). The average turnaround from agreeing your Project Brief (the information about your Project that will be shared with our Marketplace) to sharing your shortlist with you is 7-9 days. For larger, more complex projects, this process may take longer.

It is important that we understand any absolute deadlines for yo Learn more

Signing up as a Service Provider


Signing up to blur’s Marketplace as a Service Provider is simple:

  1. Go to and click on ‘sign up’ in the top right corner of the page
  2. Select the category that best fits your skill set.
  3. Complete and submit the Service Provider application from, telling us all about your business (what your company does, the industry you are a part of, the diversity of your employees, the territories you operate in), th Learn more

Finding Projects


When a Customer is looking to buy a service through blur, we call this a ‘Project’. We agree the Customer’s Project requirements with them and then ‘list’ the details - called the ‘Project Brief’ - in our Marketplace. Service Providers can then submit proposals - called ‘pitches’ - if they are interested in working on that Project.

You can find out about Projects in a number of different ways:

  1. By logging into your blur account and clicking on the ‘Fin Learn more

Submitting a Proposal (‘pitch’)


If you have identified a Project that you would like to submit a proposal for (we call this a ‘pitch’), there are two parts to submitting your proposal for consideration.

First you will need to fill out the blur Pitch App which can be accessed via your blur account (see instructions below). The Pitch App gathers critical non-subjective project information ie. the cost of each deliverable, the time it will take you to deliver it and exactly what you will deliver. Be precise when filli Learn more

Deciding your Budget – Service Provider


All projects that we post (we call this ‘listing’) in our Marketplace will show a budget. This is a guide of how much the customer has to spend. Where a customer has a very specific budget, we will make this clear in the project brief.

When submitting your pitch, include the budget that you will be able to deliver the Project for. This might be more or it might be less than the guide budget - the important thing to remember is to be competitive in your pricing as you will be competing Learn more

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