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Corporate oversight of budget and spend. Individual autonomy in delivery.

Maintain oversight of all delivery streams across your organization, while regional management and department heads maintain autonomy within delivery.

User Management

Using blur’s Platform, you have a global view of user spending behaviour throughout your entire business and further detailed views of individual project activities.

Employees can check progress across teams or specifically within their own project. Any blur account can convert into an Enterprise account in a matter of minutes. Contact us to find out how.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders no longer need to be lost in internal systems and disconnected processes.

With blur’s Platform solution, you have the ability to assign one or more projects to internal purchase orders and the ability to limit project spend in line with PO values.

Approval Workflows

Having complete control over decision making and allocation of spend is easy. Approvals can be set up for a number of steps throughout your procurement process, be it approval for POs, pitch selection or project completion.

It’s flexible for you to define the criteria for your company’s particular approval requirements. Simply tell us the where in your process you need to trigger an approval and who is responsible for approving that step in the order.


Apply key project metrics across total spend and individual projects to generate customized reporting on spend against budget figures, performance within individual business units, regions and territories, to name a few.

Successful delivery every time

With Enterprise class project management tools and world class expertise waiting for you, there’s never been a better time to start sourcing and delivering through blur's B2B Marketplace.
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