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What we do

blur's Platform is the next generation of spend and supplier management: the complete procurement solution for goods and services within indirect spend. Providing unprecedented choice, value and control.

What you do

You choose how you’d like to shop. For large scale, multi-user purchasing requirements, you may want to consider a company wide solution that will give you multiple-user access and the ability to buy both goods and services.

For single-use of the Marketplace for business services, transacting is immediate. Start by submitting your requirements to blur’s Marketplace using our Brief App. Include a general list of objectives, a proposed delivery date and your budget range.

Your project is then listed on the Marketplace and relevant Service Providers pitch for your business. blur’s technology, blur Sense™, generates a shortlist of the best pitches. Your customer success manager will support you and your project throughout.

Once you select your Service Provider, blur’s platform identifies the optimal price for you and creates a digital Statement of Work (SOW). Your services are delivered using blur’s online project management and collaboration system and all billing and payments are securely handled by blur Pay™.

The 4 Steps to Purchasing Services Online


Step One. What's the purpose of this project? What do you need? Our online Brief app will help focus your objectives.


Sit back. Your brief is now live on blur. Within days, our platform will be delivering you a shortlist of killer pitches.


Let's go! You've picked your Service Provider. Now your project kicks off. Our project management app will keep you on course.


Success! A finished project. On time and on budget. A positive experience all round. Stress-free, and with great results.

blur's business process


Identify a list of projects from across your organisation to source through blur’s Marketplace. Simply sign up to draft your project briefs


Once your briefs are finalized, they are posted in blur’s Marketplace where thousands of service providers can start pitching for your work


blur's technology, 'blur SenseTM', manages the pitch process and automatically generates a shortlist of the best providers for your work in approximately 7 working days


Once you select the best provider from the shortlist, you and your new service provider agree a digital “Statement of Work” for your project


You and your service provider manage your project online via blur's "Project Space"


blur's 'Billing App' manages the billing process and all payments to your Service Provider


blur evaluates your project’s success and rates your Service Provider


You and your teams continue to add briefs to blur’s Marketplace to source and manage projects across your business


More Choice

Your new preferred supplier list

  • Service Providers worldwide
  • On-demand - ready when you need it
  • Scalable: Any project. Any size

More Focus

Only buy from motivated providers

  • We create the competitive environment
  • You choose the best fit
  • Global expertise at your service

Streamline Process

100% Under your direction

  • One-to-One human support
  • Single point of payment
  • Robust project management technology


More opportunity

Your epic new business division

  • New business opportunities for free
  • Find clients you would never normally meet
  • Win new business on merit

Less noise

Only sell to people who want to buy

  • Spend your time on projects, not on selling
  • Increase chances of winning business
  • Access to unprecedented opportunity

Total Control

Focus on delivery not administration

  • Guaranteed payment schedule
  • Transparent online process
  • Administration handled by us

blur 6.0

Your Enterprise Services Platform

Source and purchase from blur’s Marketplace. Then manage and deliver with your custom Project Space. blur 6.0 is the only Enterprise Services Platform you will ever need.

blur's Marketplace

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Look who uses blur

Some of the biggest brands in business use blur's Marketplace to purchase business goods and services online across 11 different categories.

See all success stories

“Exceptional quality and over-delivery better than we could have sourced ourselves.”
GE Healthcare

“It took two weeks to find the copywriters needed for our campaign using the Exchange. The last time I’d tried to do this it had taken me several months.”
Zurich Insurance

“Such a model is aimed at the higher-end market. Big companies with big budgets that want to tap into the world’s expert pool without being locked into lengthy contracts.”
The Next Web

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