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Selling services via blur’s Marketplace

At blur’s Marketplace, you can sell services in the following 11 categories:










Human Resources

Property Services

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You can buy services through blur too. View catalog of services

Service Provider Plans

Three different subscription-based memberships are available to blur Service Providers:

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  • Pitch for 10 projects per year, each up to $5,000 in value
  • Support for first pitch only
  • Feedback on 3 pitches per year
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  • Pitch for 20 projects per year, each up to $50,000 in value
  • Ongoing support via email
  • Feedback on 3 pitches per month
  • Access to exclusive online events, content and insights
  • New project notifications
  • Inclusion in global PR program (single occurrence)
  • blur Data discount (50%)
  • blur Marketplace Training
  • Project deadline reminders
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  • Pitch for an unlimited number of projects every year
  • No limitations on project value - pitch for any project
  • Ongoing support via telephone and email
  • Feedback on every pitch you submit
  • Access to exclusive online events, content and insights
  • New project notifications
  • Inclusion in global PR program (multiple occurrences)
  • Access to blur Data insights (usually $39 per user/per month)
  • Exclusive access to closed projects
  • Exclusive access to samples of winning pitches
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Which businesses are buying?

Some of the biggest brands in business use blur's Marketplace to purchase business goods and services online across 11 different categories.

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“Such a model is aimed at the higher-end market. Big companies with big budgets that want to tap into the world's expert pool without being locked into lengthy contracts”
The Next Web

How it works

Imagine pitch for projects without even having to leave your desk. Pitch for and manage projects using your desktop, smartphone or tablet - from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

blur's Marketplace

The single source for all of your business goods and services.
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Why use blur to sell your services?

More opportunity

Your epic new business division

  • New business opportunities for free
  • Find clients you would never normally meet
  • Win new business on merit

Less noise

Only sell to people who want to buy

  • Spend your time on projects, not on selling
  • Increase chances of winning business
  • Access to unprecedented opportunity

Total control

Focus on delivery not administration

  • Managed payment schedule
  • Transparent online process
  • Administration handled by us

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You can buy services through blur too. View catalog of services

Selling With blur

Register and we'll alert you when suitable briefs are posted. Every day there's a new opportunity.

Turn your pitch into a single PDF. Upload it to our pitch app. Sit back and wait for a decision.

Congratulations! Now it's your project which you run in blur's Project Space, collaborating with customer teams.

You bill blur. We collect the money from the customer and pay you on time.

Blurring the lines between buyer and seller

Signing up to sell your services as a blur Service Provider doesn't mean you can't also source and purchase services for your own business. Service providers can, and do, use blur's Marketplace to buy services.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of our new website, we consistently get positive feedback about. Without doubt, it would have taken us months to find the type of designer we needed to create our vision. The process from specification to completion was seamless“

The Lead Lab

blur Service Provider & Customer

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