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Tail Spend represents the unmanaged high-volume, low-value spend in your business. It has traditionally been an inevitable and unavoidable burden for procurement leaders causing up to 20% of overlooked savings due to poor supplier management, contract negotiation and maverick spend. With the increasing role played by cloud-based global resourcing, innovative technologies, effective Tail Spend Management is no longer hard to obtain. Companies are now able to identify, evaluate and manage their unstructured spend across their entire supply chain.

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Tail Spend represents the 20% of purchases that are either too small or too infrequent to fall within a company’s procurement policy.

Effective Tail Spend Management

  • Immediate savings
  • Clear visibility of spend behaviour
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Company-wide compliance
  • Effective supplier relationship management
  • Supplier risk management
  • High quality standards in delivery

blur as your Tail Spend Management partner

If you are looking to eliminate waste in your unmanaged spend and achieve greater operational efficiency within your supply chain, blur’s Platform can help improve the way you source, purchase, manage and deliver hundreds of business services across your organization.

The Platform offers:

  • A centralized system from start-to-finish to procure and deliver services
  • Easy, accessible cloud-based project management software
  • Access to over world class, vetted Service Providers across 150 countries
  • Ongoing supplier management across every project
  • Project tracking and spend analytics

Benefits of working with blur to manage your Tail Spend:

  • Better agility and resilience in your supply chain
  • Improved innovation
  • Faster time to market
  • Better coordinated 'fractional' outsourcing
  • Increased visibility of overall spend behavior
  • Identify and control maverick spending
  • Significant cost savings - on average 20-40% savings on every project

Contact us to learn how blur's Platform can support your business needs.

“I quickly realized that we were not getting best value from our marketing suppliers and so using blur Group to source the best solution for each project has given me efficiencies I didn’t believe possible”

Head of Procurement, FMCG company

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