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With many global companies thinking more strategically about how they drive performance across their delivery system, HR and procurement functions are playing increasingly more vital roles in their organizations. Senior leaders are relying on both functions to drive organizational effectiveness and deliver value throughout the company’s entire ecosystem. The lines between internal staffing and outsourcing to channel partners is blurring as rightsourcing starts to gain momentum in the market. Embracing this new approach to engage talent at a project-specific level is opening new doors for organizations who are saying goodbye to their archaic, conventional models of talent management and delivery.

Efficient, profitable and flexible ecosystems don't happen by accident. Speak to one of our Consultants to discuss how you can implement rightsourcing to influence performance across your entire ecosystem.

Effective Ecosystem Management and Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Agility and responsiveness across your organization
  • Increased visibility of performance within the delivery system
  • High quality labour force operating to their strengths
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Partnering with blur to increase Supply Chain efficiency

You require access to high quality resources and service providers who can deliver, stay focused and consistently perform. Using blur’s Platform, extending your talent pool is simple. You can quickly gain access to a global team of suppliers designed to fit into your delivery process exactly where you need them.

The Platform offers:

  • Access to over 65,000 world class Service Providers across 150 countries
  • A centralized process from start to finish to identify top talent and deliver high-end business services
  • Easy, accessible cloud-based project management software
  • Ongoing supplier relationship management across every project you run through the Platform
  • Project tracking and spend analytics

Benefits of working with blur to reshape your Ecosystem and increase efficiency in your Supply Chain.

  • Increased visibility of overall talent management and delivery throughout the supply chain
  • More strategic roles for HR and Procurement functions
  • More strategic use of in-house resources across functions and better use of external suppliers
  • Speed to market: 7-10 days to identify the best Service Provider to deliver your project
  • Significant cost savings of 20-40% savings on every project

Are you ready to improve efficiency in your Supply Chain? Contact our Enterprise team to get started.

"Forward-thinking manufacturers are orchestrating 80% or more of their supplier network activity outside their four walls, using big data and cloud-based technologies to get beyond the constraints of legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems."


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