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Marketing professionals will forever and always be responsible for building the brand, customer engagement and increasing acquisition. However, with the changing landscape of global business and a greater focus on cost cutting strategies, CMOs, Marketing Directors and their teams are increasingly more accountable for demonstrating the pure return of their marketing spend. Yet do they have sufficient resources to do so?

Download our Marketing Spend Optimization white paper which includes strategies to optimize your marketing spend.

4 unavoidable pressures reshaping the delivery of marketing teams

  • CEOs and boards are increasingly focused on immediate cost cutting strategies
  • Digital marketing channels are taking the lead in comparison to traditional marketing methods and are demanding agility like never before
  • More sophisticated and savvy consumers call for a multilateral approach to drive engagement
  • Inefficiencies in existing marketing processes are surfacing at many stages throughout delivery

Optimise your marketing spend by using a B2B Marketplace

The adoption of a B2B Marketplace gives CMOs the overall visibility they require with a more sustainable approach to managing purchasing behavior within their teams. In parallel, marketing delivery and implementation teams have the agility and autonomy they need to deliver against specific projects. It’s a win-win all around.

blur’s Marketplace offers:

  • Access to over 65,000 world class Service Providers across 150 countries
  • A centralized process from start to finish to identify top talent and deliver high-end business services
  • Easy, accessible cloud-based project management software
  • Ongoing supplier relationship management across every project you run through the Platform
  • Project tracking and spend analytics

Benefits of working with blur to help you reshape the way you apply your marketing spend:

  • Increased visibility and tracking of overall marketing spend
  • Autonomy and agility for your product development teams, communications teams and your partners
  • More strategic use of in-house resources and better use of external suppliers
  • Speed to market: 7-10 days to identify the best Service Provider to deliver your project
  • Significant cost savings of 10-30% savings on every project

Are you ready to optimize your marketing spend? Contact our Enterprise team to get started.

By 2017, spend on marketing services is estimated to be in excess of $1 trillion for the first time in history

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