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Source. Purchase. Manage. Deliver.

blur Group's Indirect Spend Management Platform improves procurement ROI by eliminating the waste and inefficiency inherent in purchasing business services and goods. Its unique platform combines cloud software with managed services to provide a transparent, simple way of sourcing, managing and delivering services and goods.

Choose blur to improve company-wide procurement or address individual spot purchases.

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Insufficient procurement systems contribute to the waste and inefficiency inherent in indirect spend management.

The Cost of Procurement Waste

Recent Accenture studies estimate that only 50% of procurement spend is effectively managed, with the majority of waste hidden within indirect spend.

  • Maverick spend by non-procurement professionals is seen as the biggest challenge for indirect spend management
  • Procurement fraud is the second most commonly reported economic crime
  • 40.8% of members of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing Managers think that procurement fraud poses a significant threat to their organizations

New spend and supplier management systems are making it easier for procurement professionals to identify and eliminate wasteful spending.
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Eliminating procurement waste and inefficiencies

As an increasing number of CEOs hold “cost reduction’ as a key strategic initiative in 2016, smarter procurement practices are playing a critical role to help organizations achieve immediate savings. At the same time, department heads are taking a more disciplined and data-driven approach to their individual spend management.

Innovative online systems like cloud software and managed services platforms are taking the place of more traditional procurement models, streamlining business processes virtually overnight.

blur’s spend and supplier management platform offers immediate online procurement enhanced with ongoing managed services. Through blur, customers have access to a global pool of vetted suppliers via cloud software and also receive ongoing project oversight from a committed team of project managers. This is the standard for every project that runs through blur’s Marketplace.

Tiered buyer plans and a range of premium services make buying business services easy and customizable to suit the unique needs of each company that procures services via blur’s platform.

Your return on investment is seen immediately from your first project and increases the more frequently that you use the platform to source and deliver business services. blur Customers regularly see a savings of 10%-30% on every service bought. Organizations who spend $10M a year for the procurement of business services through blur’s Platform can potentially see a cost reduction of $3.4M.

In addition to the immediate cost savings, companies benefit from a higher standard of quality, more efficient processes, customizable payment options and access to a global network of Enterprise service providers. Providing unprecedented choice, value and control in a single platform.

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"Even a five percent reduction in indirect spend can translate to a one to three percent impact on the bottom line"

EY, Indirect Procurement Optimisation

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