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In an age when e-commerce is doubling in growth across the globe, an increasing number of company executives worldwide are placing digital at the forefront of their strategy. They are challenging their legacy systems. Challenging their labour force. And completely rethinking the methods they use to drive value throughout their supply chain. Chief executives are taking a stronger, proactive role in the decisions related to digital growth. The entire structure of an organisation is being challenged as the digital tidal wave spreads at record speed across the globe. Source to pay, cloud-based systems are increasingly driving a new way of managing global procurement functions within Enterprises

Contact one of our Consultants to learn more about taking digital beyond your IT department and building it into your procurement process.

5 key characteristics of an effective cloud-based procurement function

  • An integrated, end-to-end digital experience
  • Redefined business delivery systems driven by digital efficiencies
  • Access to a diverse community of high-quality providers
  • Transparency and visible reporting
  • A complete solution - from cloud-based sourcing to managed services and payment

blur helping you create a Digital Procurement Function

For companies who want to fully integrate digital practices across their ecosystem, blur’s Platform offers an established online sourcing, delivery and management platform to support procurement and delivery in any area of your business. From a desktop, tablet or phone, your various business functions can procure services to address the needs within their department. You have visibility of spend. They have the liberty to define, source and deliver to meet your expectations.

The Platform offers:

  • Access to over 65,000 world-class Service Providers across 150 countries
  • A centralized process from start to finish to identify Service Provider talent and also deliver high-end business services
  • Easy, accessible cloud-based project management software
  • Ongoing supplier relationship management across every project
  • Project tracking and spend analytics

Contact us to learn how you can improve your procurement practice using innovative digital practices.

"To stay competitive, companies must stop experimenting with digital and commit to transforming themselves into full digital businesses."

McKinsey & Co

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