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Maximizing Procurement ROI

Create a better return on your procurement investment through the adoption of smarter sourcing practices and more efficient procurement systems. Start by quantifying the current cost of procurement waste and inefficiency in your indirect spend.

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Tail Spend Management

Ineffective management of indirect spend can be one of the most expensive oversights an enterprise will make costing the global economy billions of dollars, and yet very few companies are doing anything about it. To make an immediate difference, a growing number of large organizations are looking at their indirect Tail Spend as an accessible means to drive down waste in their business.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Effective collaboration with a diverse base of quality suppliers is a core requirement for a well-functioning business. Many companies do not have the internal systems in place to acquire, track, monitor or report on these factors. What if you could have the confidence in knowing that you have a rich network of high-quality suppliers who are always delivering to a standard you expect - and you could do this without having to create or manage them yourself?

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Digitizing Services Procurement

The digital age, although not new, continues to disrupt traditional methods of conducting business as we know it. CEOs face daily challenges requiring them to question how they effectively engage, deliver and manage across their business and throughout their supply chain. They look to key players in their business to use both innovative and proven methods to tighten processes and eliminate waste in their business. Effective procurement solutions can immediately create efficiencies and waste reduction. The key is to select the right solution to position procurement as a strategic player. But where do you get started?

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Marketing Spend Optimization

As digital spend surpasses investment in traditional marketing channels and consumers get more savvy, marketing professionals need to be far more innovative in how they deliver. Modern CMOs are adopting a new way of working that supports all marketing channels, gives flexibility to create and still satisfies finance teams wanting to tightly manage and reduce spend.

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Size Zero Enterprise

It is said that the larger an organization gets, the more average it becomes. Value creation becomes more difficult to see, to drive and to measure. Inefficiencies become hidden among layers of management. Solutions get lost in bureaucracy. Re-engineer your business to become fitter, leaner and smarter. Explore the phenomenon of the Size Zero Enterprise – a new kind of business achieving greater results using fewer resources.

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