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Tech trends of 2015 – an IT Manager’s view

Teroy Spencer | February 3, 2015 | Technology

We asked blur’s IT Manager, Teroy Spencer ‘What tech trends are on your mind for this year?’ Here’s his reply…

At this week’s team meeting, our CEO Philip Letts mentioned the main trends of 2015.  When it comes to IT (my focus at blur) the major trend for 2015 is the Internet Of Things (IoT ) and in particular, data and cloud computing.

You might say that this is obvious and already out there so why mention it again? Well, IoT incorporates all of the major trends for 2015 but has yet to be looked at from that angle. Our Size Zero campaign which is all about doing more with less and highlights the fact that there’s no space for technophobes in this advancing world and IoT certainly exemplifies this.

Early Signs
January started with CES 2015 where the theme was undoubtedly IoT. I loved the way developers were thinking outside the box; it’s clear that IoT is going to become more and more the norm for 2015.

There are so many parts to IoT (from wearable tech to smart homes and beyond), the possibilities are endless. With the launch of the Apple iwatch (April 2015), it’s predicted that this will power IoT forwards. Every major player in the tech world has dedicated R&D funding to ensure IoT is adopted and they stay ahead of the game. It’s an exciting time to be working in IT.

Cloud Computing
There’s been a seismic shift from hardware to Cloud and, as previously predicted, this is only going to grow as more companies recognise its value in terms of cost reductions and convenience. Here at blur, we’re cloud driven and all our applications are cloud hosted including our VOIP phone system. It’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Cloud computing is a major hit because of all the benefits it offers to companies and must be adopted to attain Size Zero. Cloud allows staff the ability to work at Anytime Anywhere (AA) as long as they have an internet connection granted.

No ifs and buts – this is going to be the only way companies go. The importance of data in becoming Size Zero can’t be understated as it’s critical to identifying wastage. Admittedly, it’s raw information but there are huge leaps forward in terms of analysis and insight, particularly in the visualization of big data. I’ve made data an integral part of my IT strategy for 2015 as I aim to do my bit for Size Zero. The key thing to remember is that data = facts, and facts can give you the insight you need to be in a position to make the right decision every time.

Artificial Intelligence

I’d like to complete my (slight) trend rant by making a bold prediction of something that will take off this year. It’s already out there and is part of the IoT but I can see more emphasis being placed on Artificial Intelligence. Trust me, this time next year, we’ll be talking about AI as trending for 2016. However, I do share Bill Gates’ concerns about being careful with Artificial Intelligence. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. I’ve just funded a project myself for Cubics personal AI that’s scheduled to be despatched in November 2015 so, despite my concerns, I’m totally embracing the AI age.

So, in summary…welcome to the future.  Don’t be a technophobe! It’s an exciting time to be working in IT, and I’m proud to work for a company that’s so passionately at the forefront of technology and technology innovation. To find out how you and your business can benefit from our expertise, click below!


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