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Technology: The cornerstone of cost saving and efficiency

Michael Hoban | November 6, 2015 | Size Zero Enterprise

We’ve been using innovative technology to make our home lives easier and more efficient since the early 1900s, from washing machines to microwave ovens. So why, in business, are so many enterprises still failing to fully-embrace technology to increase efficiency?

Efficiency is, of course, one of the key drivers for adopting technology in business. Efficiency was also the main reason for adopting technology domestically, at home: why waste hours washing clothes by hand when a machine can do it for you? And why wait an hour for dinner to cook when you can stick it in a microwave and have it ready in a matter of minutes?


Adopt a Size Zero approach to drive organizational efficiency


Using technology at home, however, can often cost us more than we bargained for. But that’s because the majority of technology we use at home is hardware, in the form of tangible devices and gadgetry. In business, we no longer have to turn to expensive hardware in order to embed technology internally and drive organizational efficiency – something Size Zero Enterprises with a Zero Technophobia approach know all too well.

In fact, Size Zero Enterprises are using the most up-to-date technology on the market are achieving significant cost-savings, as well as an increase in organizational efficiency. Talk about a win-win.


Cloud solutions

The cloud, for example, offers more software solutions than your business will probably ever need – all available for significantly less than tangible hardware and constant updating of legacy software and systems.

Although global spend on cloud computing exceeded $50 billion last year according to Salesforce, this only accounts for approximately 3% of global IT spending. To say there is room for escalated enterprise adoption of technology, and cloud computing in particular, is an understatement.


Data Storage

Instead of using costly data storage centres – where space, power, networking, equipment and maintenance all need to be paid for – enterprises like Pfizer and NASA have taken their heads out of the sand and into the cloud, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store significant amounts of data. Amazon’s cloud storage solution is scalable, reliable and relatively inexpensive.


Work apps

And then there’s Google Apps for Work, enabling access to an almost-carbon-copy of Microsoft’s ‘Office’ offering, albeit with slightly slimmed-down (but hardly fundamental) functionality. If you did want to stick with the big brand names, the likes of Microsoft and Adobe now even offer cloud-based versions of their software (Office Suite & Creative Cloud), again, for significantly less.


Get your head out of the sand and into the cloud


Better still, cloud software solutions are accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device, meaning your workforce can work with agility from anywhere – all they need is an internet connection.

So to reduce costs even further, why not consider allowing a percentage of your people to work from home to reduce property costs? Telecoms enterprise BT Group does exactly that, and saves almost $1 billion annually by doing so.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing and maintaining customer relationships has never been so important. Today’s customer has increasingly-complex needs and demands a personalized experience and service. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems aren’t necessarily new school, but many enterprises still insist on an old school approach to CRM, buying or building systems to manage customer relationships. Cloud-based alternatives like Salesforce, on the other hand, cost as little as $65 per user, per month.


Website Management

Like CRM systems, many enterprises still choose to take a possessive, costly approach to website management and opt to build their own Content Management Systems (CMS). The question is: why? WordPress, the most-used CMS in this world, for example, is an already-built, ready-to-go CMS built for millions of users. WordPress counts enterprises like Sony, BestBuy and General Motors as enterprise customers. WordPress’ Enterprise user package costs as little as $500 per month.


Online marketplaces

Back in 1999, Bill Gates predicted that online marketplaces – what he referred to as ‘Business Community Software’ – would drive efficiency for enterprises. blur’s Enterprise Services Platform, for example, is a cost-effective solution to sourcing and managing suppliers. blur’s Customers regularly achieve between 20-40% in savings on every project that’s delivered through blur’s cloud-based Platform.


Do business better. Source suppliers quickly and cost-effectively at blur.


Doing more with less

Cloud computing and other online solutions are just the beginning. Even hardware itself is becoming cheaper all the time. A Chromebox desktop computer from HP can be purchased for less than $200, and a Chromebook laptop can be bought for a similar price. Tablets and phablets can be purchased for less than $100.

Do your Customer Service team, for example, really need expensive Apple Macs? Why not go one step further and introduce a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to reduce hardware costs even more? Further still, look at your current in-house processes and assess whether you could automate them. Can technology be implemented to do a job more efficiently, and for a fraction of the price?

Adopt a Zero Technophobia approach in your business and you’ll soon see that the potential for significant cost-savings are staggering.

Talk to our Enterprise Solutions team today to find out how you can do more with less, reduce costs and drive efficiency. Simply fill in the short form below or click here.

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