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How to Boost your B2B Lead Generation

Michael Hoban | June 8, 2015 | Marketing

Generating leads is essential to any business’ sustainability and success. Ultimately, a lead is where your relationship with a customer starts, and where their buying journey begins. No leads means no customers, and no customers means no revenue. And you don’t need to be Einstein to work out that generating no revenue will ultimately result in your business ceasing to exist.

It’s all well and good  saying “we need more leads”, but actually generating the leads you need to drive your business forward is something all businesses need to learn. Other than direct calling, driving visitors to your website, engaging on social media and other common methods, here are some other pointers that you might want to consider to maximize lead generation.

Utilize Analytics

They say “If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it”. But, just because it’s not broke doesn’t mean it can’t be done better. In lead generation terms, your current campaigns might be generating leads but, could you optimize them better? Could you be generating higher-quality leads for your sales team to follow up on?

Analyze the results of your previous campaigns to make informed decisions about which direction to take your next campaign in by using data-driven insights. Look at how you can optimize your current lead generation campaigns to yield better results and consider other avenues that you predict could well generate more leads.

Utilizing data and interpreting analytics will also enable you to paint a picture of your ‘ideal customer’. By doing this, you’ll also be able to focus on your most profitable customers rather than the ‘noisy’, unprofitable minority.

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Your Data

There’s a variety of technology now available to marketers that can help to track and  analyze customer behaviour and allow them to effectively target, obtain and ‘score’ leads. Marketing automation software, for example, will allow you to give a prospect a certain score when they visit a certain page on your website, such as the ‘contact us’ page. This will categorize leads as ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ leads for your sales team to target.

Integrating this marketing automation software with a cloud-based CRM like Salesforce will also enable your sales and marketing teams communicate effectively about leads, and will ensure no leads are lost. In modern marketing, there’s no room for technophobia.

Focus on a Lead-to-Revenue metric

According to Forrester research, implementing a lead-to-revenue process model will lead to increased customer acquisition and revenue growth. This type of process will enable you to create a customer engagement model that will allow you to disrupt, then potentially transform, your marketing activities. The main purpose of this process is to optimize customer engagement by using revenue performance as a key metric. A CRM and marketing automation software can be used in a lead-to-revenue model to effectively capture customer data.

Creative content

The success or failure of a B2B lead generation campaign hangs on one main factor – engagement. A lead-to-revenue model also relies heavily on engaging your target audience and you’ll have to engage your target publics in order to convince them that they should do what you want them to do. This will usually be to fill in a form of some sort and, once you have their information, they’ll be passed on to sales as a lead.

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Content is likely to form the foundations of your lead generation campaign and will be your only shot at engaging your target audience. Creative, well-thought-out content that’s developed with your target audience at the core of your thinking is crucial to actively engaging them and getting them onboard. Make it interesting, disruptive, engaging and have calls to action to entice the sale or take the engagement to the next level.

Provide A+ After Sales

Don’t be lulled into a frame of mind that once a sale is finalized, that’s the end of it, because actually getting the sale is the most important thing. How your customers are treated and dealt with after the sale will have a profound impact on whether they decide to stay loyal and do business with you again or go elsewhere, and if they’ll recommend you to others.

A good analogy is buying a new car. You go to the showroom to buy the car, but your decision to return and buy again weighs heavily on how the car drives, performs and the level of service you receive from the maintenance department afterwards. A poor driving experience is likely to affect the buying decision.


How many times have you received an email, for example, that screams “I’ve been sent to thousands of contacts” and has very little, if any, relevance to you? You’ve lost count, no doubt. Focusing on personalizing your campaign content to your target audience is much more likely to: a) engage your audience, b) appeal to them directly on a much more personal level.

Engaging, relating and appealing to each customer directly will give your campaign a much better chance of success.

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Generating leads is no walk in the park and generating quality leads is even trickier terrain. So why not outsource it to experts. blur’s lead generation Service Providers are always on-hand to walk the journey with you and help your organization generate the leads it needs to succeed.

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