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5 ways to leverage Big Data to enhance your marketing campaigns

Jason Finnerty | June 18, 2015 | Marketing

You’re leaving money on the table if you aren’t using the data you’re already collecting in your current marketing campaigns.

Boosting your B2B lead generation is one way to use the data you’re collecting to fill your sales funnel, but you can also use the information to improve your overall marketing efforts and find bigger, better results for your enterprise, without messing up your marketing.


Find a marketing specialist who can use your Big Data to increase your ROI


Identify Inbound Traffic

The ability to know where your inbound traffic is coming from provides an excellent opportunity to deliver content that resonates with your audience. Are they finding your site organically, using keywords on the popular search engines? Are they being referred to your site via social media or other websites? How much traffic is your AdWord campaign driving to your site?


Big data can answer these questions, if you have your analytics configured correctly.


Understand Audience Segmentation

Often, customers don’t make their purchase on the initial visit, but they’re served the same information the next time they come to your site. Using your big data, you can present an updated version of your copy to returning visitors, remarketing to them with more focused copy and perhaps a different CTA.


Segmentation can also enable you to:

  • serve up alternative versions of your website to people from different countries in different languages
  • present new content to visitors on mobile vs. desktop
  • deliver age/gender-specific content for your target audience


Content Experiments

You can use your analytics software to create content experiments and compare how different versions of your web pages or app screens perform when presented to random selections of your site visitors. By configuring different page elements, including headlines and headers, images and icons, your copy, and your call to action, you can find the right combination to ensure your landing page is working as hard as you are.


Shopping Cart Analysis

Within your current shopping cart, do you know where your clients are falling out? Is there something in the buying process preventing your customers from completing the sale? eCommerce tracking can help you identify opportunities within your current structure by giving you information about the time to purchase, product and sales performance, and transactional information that you can use to refine your marketing.


Predictive Possibilities

Big data gives us the ability to better understand the behaviour of our target audience; the more data you have on your current and prospective customers, the more accurate you can be when predicting their actions. This knowledge can be used to drive your current marketing campaigns as well as inform major business decisions.

Whether you’re using Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, KISSmetrics, Piwik, or any of the other major analytic options, if you’re not using your data to improve your marketing campaigns, you’re missing a major opportunity.

The blur Marketplace has over 60,000 specialists who can help your organization get started with digital marketing analytics, and help configure your analytics platform to ensure you’re able to get the data you need.

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