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How to be Face to Face Online

blur Content | May 8, 2013 | blur Group

With the Internet everyone’s connected, but what’s the best way to take advantage of this?

If you’re self-employed or even work in a busy office chances are that you’ll be needing to talk to people who aren’t based down the hall. There’s a tradition that looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand will tell you what kind of a person they are, but, besides this being pure hokum, face to face meetings can cost you time and money unnecessarily.

Video conferencing alongside emails helps to keep things clear, as with emails, texts, and social media messages things can get lost in translation. A message intended to be lighthearted may be taken literally or details may be misunderstood. When you talk to someone directly you can deal with any issues that may have inadvertently have occurred.


Talking with people via face to face technology can help to remove a lot of the stress of work and make it easier to discuss business matters. It can feel a lot more natural but without having to schedule travel, transport and so forth.


There are numerous programs available to help you with this, including:


  • Powwownow – This is a free service that allows you to schedule conference calls, including video conference calls. The site promises “HD video quality that eliminates delays and distortion.”

  • GoToMeeting – According to the site you can “demonstrate your product or service in real time.” It can also be used on a range of computers and tablets, ideal for people who are self employed who work with a range of people.

  • Skype – Arguably the most well known of the conference call options. While it does not offer call recording as standard you may want to consider getting a call recording add on. This will allow you to keep track of your messages (especially useful if you do interviews as part of freelance work).

  • Google Hangout – This is a relatively new entrant to the game, but with a clean interface it’s a joy to use. It’s particularly worth considering if you’re already using Google Drive or any of the other Google products, but it does require you to have Google+ in order to use it.



If you are pondering what video conferencing to get, look over the website and consider the following-


  • Budget- how much are you willing to spend?

  • Features- Think about what works best for your business. Only pay for what you need!

  • Security- Make sure the program is properly secure!

  • Callers- If they use a firewall then a browser based system means they don’t have to download anything.


In short, you don’t need to get out there and meet people as with video and tele-conferencing you can do it in the comfort of your own home or office! If you’re looking to reach a large audience then a webinar is a good option, and if you’d like to catch some of blur Group’s webinars then sign up on the right to our newsletter and we’ll send you some extra information on them.

Image Courtesy of pat138241 /

Rob Turner is an experienced copywriter based on blur Group’s Media Exchange, and outside of copywriting he runs a webcomic. Check him out on Twitter here @ReynardCity.

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