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blurSense – Let’s Get Sensible About the Pitch Process

blur Content | July 3, 2013 | blur Group

As a disruptive tech company blur Group faces some unique challenges, not least revolutionising the traditional pitch process. Today we’ve taken another step towards this with the release of blurSense.

Technically speaking blurSense, developed in-house by the blur Technology Team, is an intelligent decision and recommendation engine which further automates the pitch selection stage of blur’s 4-step online Exchange process, increasing the scalability of the Exchange.


blur Group blurSense

How it works

blurSense works by mining extensive expert and project information, combining this with intelligent learning algorithms to provide an automated way to rank and match pitches with projects to help our exchange support teams pick the most suitable pitch for each project. We’re looking at this app as foundational for blur Group, as it will play key part in using our cloud platform to architect and automate the entire business services process from project submission to solution.

The apps features include:

  • Self learning algorithm which automates recommendations based on experiential criteria
  • The algorithm increases in accuracy as new data sets are introduced
  • Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) creates an automated decision making model
  • Bayesian advanced engine breaks down complex decisions into a hierarchy of more easily comprehended criteria

blur’s Exchange provides a vast quantity of rich data from pitches, as well as the progress of the project through the project lifecycle. blurSense uses this data, combining it with additional rich data from the expert’s profiles and other information sources, to map and rank pitches for new projects. The various weightings applied during this process are adjusted according to the brief type and specific blur Exchange.  Upon completion of the pitch selection process, and project, the weightings are refined for future projects.

blurSense not only provides accurate trust ratings within the Exchange, but because of the scale of projects, customers and experts running through the engine, it constantly improves its accuracy and relevance.

“blurSense brings a new generation of intelligent apps to the Exchange platform. Introducing ratings and reviews to a b2b platform is a key component of s-commerce: now blurSense can be used to further automate pitch and project matching at scale. The self-learning algorithm is one of blur’s most innovative pieces of platform technology to date and will result in shorter pitch review timelines, as well as an even better experience for all Exchange users.” – Philip Letts, blur Group CEO

What are the benefits

blurSense provides our Exchange Support function the tools and data to ensure that pitches shortlisted for the customer are those most likely to deliver a successful project, reducing time in selection, and resulting in high quality cost effective projects.

blurSense and the future

blur is a unique company, seeing rapid growth across all metrics, not just experts and customer projects. With 1,000 new businesses adopting the Exchange each month, blurSense ensures that the dataset is scaling constantly and retains a competitive stronghold. blur Labs have put together an exciting roadmap for blurSense for the next 12-18 months, including integrating to a broader range of data to create rich profiles for new experts to the exchange – for example 3rd party networks such as LinkedIn, dynamic feedback to both the customers and experts to refine their pitches and briefs, and proactively searching for the best experts for a particular project. So hold on to your hats, as the only way is up.

For more information, listen to blur Group CEO talk about blurSense with BRR Media.

Is this your first time here on a blur Group blog? Why not check out our About or How it Works pages to find out more about the Global Services Exchange. 

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