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blur’s Enterprise Services Platform: How Does It Work?

Stephen Rowley | November 23, 2015 | blur Group

The traditional process for procuring and purchasing business services leaves room for inefficiency and has the potential to create unnecessary waste.

blur’s Platform is the next generation of spend and supplier management, eradicating this waste and inefficiency from your procurement process.

Today’s ever-changing economy demands efficient, waste-free processes across all of your enterprise’s functions, to allow it to address future fluctuations in global markets. And your drive towards a sustainable future starts with your procurement.

blur’s Platform is the all-encompassing solution to creating an efficient procurement process and eradicating the waste that’s inherent with purchasing business services and managing suppliers.

Using blur’s Platform, your enterprise will gain access to a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: blur’s Customers can expect to achieve savings in the region of 20-40% on every project that’s delivered through the Platform.
  • Access to talent: Tap into a global talent pool of over 65,000 vetted Service Providers, spread across 150 countries worldwide, offering services from Design to Technology.
  • One end-to-end solution: Strategic sourcing, SOW creation, project management and payment processing all managed through one centralized, cloud-based system.
  • Increased visibility: Gain visibility of your enterprise’s indirect spend activity and suppliers simultaneously.
  • Agility: Source suppliers and manage your projects using Project Space – anytime, from anywhere and on any device. Even complex projects can be kicked off in under two weeks.
  • Value and control: Complete control over your suppliers, indirect spend and services projects, ensuring that you create value throughout your enterprise’s delivery system.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our enterprise customers have said about blur:

“Exceptional quality and over-delivery better than we could have sourced ourselves.”

GE Healthcare

“It took two weeks to find the copywriters needed for our campaign using blur’s Platform. The last time we’d tried to do this it had taken several months.”

Zurich Insurance

How does it work?

We’ve addressed the ‘why’. Now it’s time for the ‘how’. Watch the short video below to see how blur’s Platform works…

If you’re interested in finding out more about how your enterprises can adopt and benefit from blur’s Platform, contact one of our Enterprise Solutions specialists today.

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