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blur Technology Expert Infographic

blur Content | April 18, 2013 | blur Group

One of the great things about operating the Global Services Exchange is that you get to see a really international breakdown of both expert service providers and the customers who require them.

But we started thinking about how we could bring together our love for data analysis and elegant design, and if there’s a better answer than an infographic then we don’t want to hear it (mainly because we’ve already put the infographic together. So without further ado here it is:

blur Technology Expert Infographic

blur Technology Expert Infographic

It’s an interesting breakdown, who would have thought that Italy would have ranked in the top six countries with tech expertise (well not to boast but blur Group would have, after all three members of our tech team are Italian). What is obvious is that web skills are a core skill, with website development, HTML, web design, and CSS all featuring in the top three skills. As the Internet becomes more integral to our daily lives it’s a foolish expert who doesn’t have at least some web ability in their skill set.

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