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blur Group HQ Is Moving – Exeter’s New Science Park to Become Global Headquarters

blur Content | September 11, 2013 | blur Group

As regular readers know, last July blur set up an R&D center in Exeter, England; we liked it so much that we’ve made it our Global HQ.

blur Group is excited to announce that we’ll be moving our Global HQ from London to the Exeter Science Park, the UK’s 70th and newest Science Park – following on from our successful Exeter R&D Center set up earlier in the summer.

blur believes that with the right backing, Exeter is in a prime position to become the UK’s leading tech region.

We’re proud to say that this will also see the creation of 100 jobs by the end of next year. blur’s London and Dallas offices will remain as regional commercial hubs, freeing them up to expand in term of both sales and Exchange Support to drive the company forward.

Reasons for the Move

As one of the fastest growing LSE:AIM listed tech companies, the move will facilitate expansion, and shows our commitment to a region with four of the country’s top 20 universities. It also positions blur for further growth after our recent round of secondary fundraising. Exeter and the South West demonstrate a track record in innovation and entrepreneurship, where start-ups have attracted more than $550 million in investment and returned more than $800 million to shareholders.

The area shares many characteristics with the site of the original Silicon Valley – blur believes that with the right backing, Exeter is in a prime position to become the UK’s leading tech region.

blur is the Founding Company

blur is the founding company at the Exeter Science Park and in a position to shape its future as a key, international, eco-friendly tech hub for the 21st Century. By the end of September there will be 35 employees in Exeter and around 35 in London.

Exeter has the right ingredients to become Europe‘s San Francisco and south western UK the new Silicon Valley.

The South West combines innovation and technology excellence, a great mix of universities with both academic and venture focus and an established reputation in attracting leading tech firms while providing great incubation and support for earlier stage business.

It’s a combination that has worked well for the US and has the potential to do the same in the UK.
Philip Letts blur Group CEO

If you’d like to be part of Exeter, or blur’s regional hubs, then the good news is that we’re currently hiring. So if you’re excited about changing the world of business services then take a look at our careers page.

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