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blur Group Continues to Scale s-commerce Platform with Automated Billing

blur Content | August 29, 2013 | blur Group

blur Group is proud to announce the continued industrialization of many of our platform features.

Building on blur’s 3.0 platform launch earlier this year, the new billing system will automate the statement of work and payment schedule within the Global Services Exchange. This move is specifically designed to help blur continue to scale to facilitate SME volumes as well as new corporate customers with project values of $5m+. The advanced billing system will in the future enable blur to consider self service solutions and multi-device operations as well as very high volume auto-payment mechanisms.

Enhancements to blurSense

blur Group has also enhanced blurSense, the automatic selection tool on the Exchange. This now includes a data center to analyze the vast quantity of customer and expert data within the platform and further streamline the customer experience during the pitch shortlist and selection stages of the s-commerce process. blurSense also now adds machine intelligence based ratings to both service provider pitches as well as the service providers themselves. In the future, it will develop Big Data tools and perspectives on buyers, sellers and broad services industry intelligence.

“These process and platform enhancements are part of the stated roadmap made possible through the secondary fundraise completed earlier this year. We are committed to maintaining our lead at the forefront of the s-commerce industry through continually augmenting and expanding the capability and scope of the Global Service Exchange. Like blurSense, this new payment update will help us begin to industrialize features of the business, allowing customers – old and new – to speed through the procurement process at rates before unimaginable. They all use blur’s new API which will be released for more public use in 2014.” – blur Group CEO, Philip Letts.

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