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blur 3.0 Goes Live – Unified S-Commerce Experience for Site Visitors, Customers, and Experts

blur Content | April 17, 2013 | blur Group

As you might have noticed, things look a little different around here today. The latest version of our site design is now live for blur Group but that’s not the only thing that’s changed.

There’s a new trading platform – blur 3.0 – designed to deliver a single, scalable and streamlined platform for all buyers and sellers of services. The cloud-based platform that we use means that it’s now possible with the new sites to integrate all of the current applications and processes that make up blur Group’s s-commerce solution. So we’ve now got a scalable, open and modular architecture allowing us to integrate new functionality to secure blur in its position as a market leader. If you’ve seen our metrics you know that we’ve seen phenomenal growth in briefs, projects, customers and experts quarter-on-quarter since the first version of blur Trading went into full beta in 2010, and this new iteration allows us to keep growing. Excitingly, the new infrastructure enables future opportunities where third parties will be able to write to the platform.


Six years in development, blur 3.0’s cloud-based platform has been modified to make the user experience even easier, faster and more integrated than before.


Building on earlier versions, the new platform includes:

  • Multi device management. Responsive-design web properties now take blur Group into mobile, allowing a more direct and transactional approach to briefing for services and projects from any device.

  • Increased speed. As well as automated logins for partners, customers and experts now provides a more intuitive gateway to the Trading Platform for all Exchange users. The individual Exchanges provide details on some of types of projects that can easily be delivered using the Exchange, shortening the time to brief and streamlining the process of expert selection once these projects are listed, thus reducing overall project lifecycles. s-commerce has consistently delivered project kick-off in less than 10 working days and now the new platform will reduce this further.

  • Enhanced user experience. New customer dashboards are designed to improve User Experience and enhance the use of blur Group’s recently launched Project Space for collaboration, project management and scheduling.

  • Integrated services. Re-designed expert dashboards, integrating the latest pitch app technology with Community and Project Space features make it even easier to respond to briefs, with pricing and scheduling information feeding directly into new payments technology that will sit on the platform.



  • Intuitive management. New partner dashboards will shortly be incorporated into the release to support blur’s ‘Brief Anywhere’ app where the brief app is integrated into other products and websites.

These dashboards can also be used with blur’s Premium Account for multi-user, multi-project businesses who have adopted the Exchange platform.



blur 3.0  is fully scalable on a global level and allows businesses to approach commerce in a new and pioneering way. s-commerce underpins this dynamic and influential way of doing business – with businesses and experts connecting and collaborating globally through the exchange, briefing and completing projects within the cloud-based platform that is provided.


Philip Letts, CEO of blur Group commented:

“blur 3.0 will move the entire industry, buyers and sellers of corporate grade services, on to an s-commerce platform. The entire process  – briefing services, discovering the best solutions and service providers, running the optimal purchase process, managing projects, collaboration and deliverables, rating and reviewing participants and payments has been streamlined making one seamless platform and a simple, powerful, unified experience. This is to blur Group what Windows 3.0 was for Microsoft in the early ’80’s. It transformed desktop computing. blur 3.0 can transform the global services industries. Starting with the 27,000 businesses worldwide that use it today.”

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