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Bill Gates had blur Group on the mind…in 1999

Michael Hoban | October 29, 2015 | blur Group

Nostradamus might well have predicted some of the world’s biggest social events, but when it comes to predicting developments in technology and business, Bill Gates is the go-to guy.

A Finnish business student wrote a blog post after reading Gates’ 1999 book, ‘Business @ The Speed of Thought’, which was eventually picked up by Business Insider. In his blog post, Markus Kirjonen pointed out how scarily similar the Microsoft founder’s predictions were to real-life developments in the business world.

In his book, Gates made 15 key predictions, including:

  • Price comparison websites
  • The prevalence of mobile devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automated marketing messages based on behavior
  • Smart advertising
  • Project management software solutions

Impressive, huh? But among Gates’ predictions, there was one in particular that we here at blur Group found even more fascinating…

‘Business community software’

That’s the term Gates opted for, but we call it an Enterprise Services Platform. The terminology might be different, but Gates’ forward-thinking concept is strikingly similar to blur Group’s platform and process.

Using this software, he envisioned that companies would be able to ‘bid’ on jobs. Tick. blur’s vetted Service Providers can pitch (‘bid’) for projects submitted by customers, from marketing and technology projects, to legal and HR.

This online process, Gates predicted, would be more efficient for “big companies that want to outsource work…[and] businesses looking for new clients”. Tick. blur’s platform and streamlined online process is efficient for both enterprise customers searching for suppliers, and suppliers wanting to pitch for new business.

Where else can you submit a project brief and have multiple already-vetted suppliers pitch for your project, and have your project(s) kick-off in under two weeks? And then manage one or more projects and suppliers simultaneously – all online, from anywhere and on any device? Oh, and all while regaining control of your indirect spend. You can’t. Only at blur.

Finally, Mr. Gates finalized his prediction by stating that this ‘business community software’ would benefit “corporations that don’t have a go-to provider for [a] said service”. Tick. blur’s Platform boasts 65,000 suppliers in over 150 countries worldwide, offering expertise across ten service categories.

Here is Gates’ prediction in its entirety:

“Companies will be able to bid on jobs, whether they are looking for a construction project, a movie production, or an advertising campaign. This will be efficient for both big companies that want to outsource work that they don’t usually face, businesses looking for new clients, and corporations that don’t have a go-to provider for the said service.” - Bill Gates (circa 1999)

A+ for accuracy, Mr. Gates. We applaud you.

Doing business better

There’s a single word in Gates’ prediction that stands out above all others – efficiency. Old school supplier sourcing and management processes are laborious and…well, inefficient. They won’t add value to your business, and never will. blur Group’s Enterprise Services Platform eliminates the waste and inefficiency inherent in purchasing business services.

This is the next generation of spend and supplier management. You can do business better with blur.

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