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blur: Big Service Provider Experience, Without Big Service Provider Rates

blur Content | July 4, 2013 | blur Group

blur uses the power of ecommerce, expertsourcing and cloud technology to connect you with firms who can match and even exceed the quality of a traditional big service provider, but without the giant bill

Of the very few adverts that people remember one fact stands out: they’re all from giant advertising agencies. Or at least on the face of it.

Most of the big name agencies use a supply of creative talent that ranges from being in-house, to outsourced and outsourced again.

Of course, those specialist freelancers and firms that do this work don’t necessarily have the budget or the manpower to go after the big accounts themselves, at least they didn’t until the blur came along.

The big service provider experience with blur

blur Group has over 45,000 expert firms pitching for projects, and each firm is vetted before they’re allowed to join, ensuring that they’re skilled and experienced enough to compete on the global stage. So along with blindingly-hot emerging micro agencies and individuals, we’ve also got ex-Creative Directors for Saatchi and Saatchi, Ogilvy, and more veteran talent from across the world.

With blur you can:

  • Take your project from ideation to completion. blur takes care of all the payment options, and with technology such as our online collaboration platform Project Space you can make sure it stays on track.
  • You’ll get accurate budget advice and guidance – as rather than one or two firms telling you what they think you can afford, you’ll find a range of responses from expert firms who have knowledge and experience relevant to what you’re trying to buy.
  • Mediation and negotiation – Our Exchange Support team will step in if there are any issues in the project, ensuring that it stays on track.

In fact we provide more for less

To run a giant agency you need to have a lot of people, and as a client most of those people aren’t going to be bringing value to your company, but you’re still paying for their wages. Despite the fact that you haven’t used photography in any of your campaigns, those expensive editing suites still have to be paid for somehow. When you add in all the egg chairs and the exclusive locations it can get pretty pricey.

With a no-frills philosophy blur has none of this, and we provide value that communicates itself back to you the customer. After all, would you rather pay for the guy who takes you out to lunch, or for the one that actually get’s the work done?

  • By throwing a problem open to blur you’re getting the benefit of multiple expert firms rather than just the one that you’re talking to. So you may get provided with a solution that you would never have come across through normal channels but is perfect for the problem.
  • You can cut through the agency layers, ensuring that you’re working with those who actually do the work.
  • blur works without bureaucracy, so projects get turned around quickly and efficiently.
  • Transparency: the project space gives you transparency of timings, and clarity on budget ensures that you can compare providers on a level playing field.

With over $300m worth of projects briefed to date, blur is a fast-rising tech evolution that is changing business forever. Shop at blur today, or find out more about how blur sources the right experts with our blog on Expertsourcing: the Answer to Your Niche Outsourcing Requirements.

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