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Innovative Wedding Invitation Design

blur Content | July 7, 2011 | Design

Marriage, as Marx said, is the chief cause of divorce.

That’s Groucho Marx of course, Karl took a much sterner stance against nuptials. But then all three of Groucho’s marriages ended in divorce, perhaps his trade-mark walk meant that he didn’t get off on the right foot? As any marriage counsellor will tell you the key is to keep it interesting with, that’s right, some innovative wedding invitation design. And don’t let the futuremotherinlaw near the them of course.

Anna and Jason

So this an engagement announcement rather than an invitation but I couldn’t leave it out this card from AnnaRascouët-Paz and JasonPermenter. Conveying their story so elegantly and simply it is a thing of beauty.

Jill and Matt

If you can’t do it simply you can always complicate matters, like this invitation which tells the story of how the Jill and Matt came together. If they make their marriage this complicated then… well they could always sell it as a sit-com.

JillandMatt wedding invitation

Mike and Karen

Of course I’ve saved the best till last. This invitation is not only a record player but the couple wrote their own song to invite people to their wedding. Made by the talented KelliAnderson It doesn’t work fantastically well as record player (paper craft skills can only take you so far) but the amount of work involved in creating this invitation is astonishing and the fact it works at all is a testimony to the huge amount of effort that must have gone into this. In fact you can see the effort by her descriptions of the work on her blog and  if you don’t believe it works then you can check out a video of the player in action here.


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This blog by Will van Wyngaarden

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