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    Business websites – the shameful truth?

    71%of business websites have an ineffective online presence... Unbelievable! There are over 18.2 million software and web developers worldwide, 20,000 of which are fully vetted and available via blur. The majority are affable geeks – but if you’re scared they’ll bamboozle you with technical know-how, just call us or visit our website development page as we speak your language, i.e.…

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  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    The Pros and Cons of Pay-per-click Advertising

    When PPC advertising is done right, it can promote your business and increase sales simply and effectively. Pay-per-click Advertising or 'PPC', is essentially an online business partnership that involves directing traffic to affiliated websites. Or, in more basic terms, you put an advert on another company or person's website, and pay the website owner every time the advert is clicked.…

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  • Successful campaign strategy

    5 Essential Tips for a Successful Campaign Strategy

    For a campaign strategy to be successful, planning is essential. Here are our essential tips to kicking off and nailing a successful marketing campaign strategy: 1. Determine Your  Campaign Strategy Objective What is it that you want to achieve exactly? Of course we all want to ‘increase revenues’...but the question is how? The more specific you are about what you…

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    Getting Started With Digital Marketing Analytics

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! How can you make sure you're making the most out of your marketing analytics? The internet has diversified a marketer’s role and introduced a range of new challenges and client requirements. One of the most common is the need to be able to work with data and turn it into meaningful, tangible feedback…

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    SEO: Be More Effective With These Seven Tips

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! Optimizing your online presence so that you feature high in search engine results means that all your money and effort spent on  building your product, service and company will be seen and appreciated. And once you're on the top, success breeds success. Generally if you have good quality content it should automatically lead to…

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  • How to find best marketing companies

    How to Find the Best Marketing Companies

    Finding the best marketing companies for your project can be the difference between your company succeeding or failing.   Answering the question ‘how to find marketing companies?’ is easy in one respect we just Google it, right? The trouble with that strategy is what we get back in our search results are companies that simply promote themselves as the ‘best…

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    Are you killing your brand?

    As you’ve doubtless seen from our daily Halloween blogs, some businesses start with great intentions but lose focus over time due to business pressure, management changes or a failure to really understand the value of a strong brand.   Brand is often mistaken for visual identity but in reality it’s much wider than that; in essence, brand is a corporate…

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