• Are QR codes dead1

    Are QR codes dead?

    When was the last time you saw a QR code - and what did you do when you saw it? There are trends within every industry, and marketing is no exception. Finding a visually unique, creatively rewarding, and technology-based tool to engage with your target audience is a tall order, so when the QR craze hit in 2010, it looked…

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  • what is the impact of social media on PR

    What is the impact of Social Media on PR?

    Yesterday we delved into the journey of the press release from a monotonous hard copy into an efficient, widely read multi medium. But what about the bigger picture of digitization? Social media, in particular, has lended its hand greatly to PR practices the world over. The death of public relations as we know it; transformative; game changing! These are all…

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  • is the traditional press release dying

    Is the traditional Press Release dying?

    The  debate about the future of journalism throws up many theorems - particularly between tradition-favouring luddites and excitable techies. But one thing that gets little coverage is the sanctity of the evolving press release. Originally composed as a hard copy and posted to journalists, the humble press release has certainly undergone a transformation within the digital age. While its functionality…

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  • business book ultimate content piece

    The Business Book: The Ultimate Content Piece?

    With technology seemingly taking over the world, you might think that books aren’t as popular or relevant as they once were. Not so. Given the fact that book sales contribute $5.25 billion to Amazon’s annual revenue, and with approximately 3 million book titles published in the US alone in 2010, the popularity of ‘the book’ certainly doesn’t appear to be…

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  • Twitter Autoplay Video Content

    Twitter announces autoplay function for video content

    Twitter has made some significant changes to its platform over the past year, to improve its overall user experience. Now, following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram, a new autoplay video function will be introduced to the platform, as the power of online video continues to grow.  With Facebook’s witnessing a whopping 4 billion video views every day through autoplay,…

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  • Google new adblock

    New Google AdBlock boosts IT efficiency but tests marketers

    Google, ever the pioneers of internet efficiency, are rolling out an ‘LSD project’ to enable Ad Blocking at a company level for the first time. Of course, by LSD, what Google really means is Large Scale Deployment. Previously only available on an individual basis, the free Chrome extension AdBlock Plus gives users an all round more enjoyable, distraction-free browsing experience.…

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  • How to use humor in marketing

    How to use humor in your marketing

    Life can sometimes be a drag for all of us; a mundane and monotonous cycle that needs a LOL to lighten things up, or a ROFL to give us momentary respite from reality (if you know what we mean). But marketers often forget who they’re actually attempting to engage and grab the attention of - real people. Customers aren’t just…

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  • LinkedIn Marketing

    Top Tips for Marketing on LinkedIn

    There are currently over 350 million LinkedIn users worldwide, with two new users registering every second. With such a vast user base, if you haven’t already utilized LinkedIn to market your business, then it’s time to seriously consider it.   Especially if your business’ customers are other businesses, LinkedIn has the potential to provide you with a wealth of potential…

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