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  • Keeping creativity in mechanized marketing

    Keeping Creativity in Mechanized Marketing

    Marketing has changed. Digitization has made it more streamlined, more efficient and more connected than ever… so what’s next? Between distribution platforms that deliver messages directly to the consumer, and the amount of data available to analyze customers and their behavior, we now have everything at our fingertips to create the perfect formula for a successful marketing campaign with a…

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  • Brand Management

    The Importance of Brand Management

    The difference between a one-off sale and a customer for life is branding, according to new research. In the world of multi-channel marketing and 24-hour, round-the-clock communication, marketing is no longer about closing a sale. It’s about brand advocates, social sharing and that all-important customer journey that creates a loyal brand following; a following that returns to you time-and-time again,…

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  • Event Markeitng 101

    Event Marketing 101

    Event marketing has become an increasingly important part of every company's demand generation mix. In a world where marketers need all the help they can get to create and build relationships, how do you make sure that you stand out on the day? Of course the main goal of event marketing is to create a memorable interaction between you and…

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  • The importance of inbound marketing

    The importance of inbound marketing

    Aren’t you sick of loud, inescapable advertising? Wouldn’t you prefer a company to actually cater to your needs and desires, rather than catch you out with flashy pop-up banners, and junk emails? It’s for this reason that organizations are finally putting more into two-way conversations with their customers.   So what is inbound marketing? Much like many tangible forms of…

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  • Mobile Advertising Spend Forecasted to Overtake TV by 2016

    Mobile Advertising Spend Forecasted to Overtake TV by 2016

    With John & Jane Doe now spending an average of almost two-and-a-half hours on their mobile devices every day, advertisers and marketers are reallocating their advertising spend to address this change in consumer behavior. In the UK alone, mobile accounts for 20% of overall advertising spend, according to research from eMarketer. And the US isn’t lagging too far behind. In…

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  • Social Media marketing for a b2b community

    Social Media Marketing for a B2B Community

    Social media might not be the most mature marketing communications channel utilized by B2B marketers today, but it’s certainly holding its own in terms of effectiveness. It’s true, to some extent, that B2B marketers were [fashionably] late to the social media soirée. Large enterprises are largely an exception to this rule, with some medium-sized enterprises also being early-adopters of B2B social…

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  • are you in need of demand generation

    Are you in need of effective demand generation?

    Demand generation. Why is it important? Well, put simply, without demand you have no customers. And without customers you have no business. Even so, the trepidation caused by this phrase isn’t something that looks set to disappear anytime soon. What is it? How exactly is it implemented? And isn’t it just a fancy way of saying lead generation? Effectively, demand…

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  • struggling to automate your marketing you're not alone

    Struggling to automate your marketing? You’re not alone…

    Automation is now a vital ingredient in the modern marketing mix. Once associated more with manufacturing, automation is now used by enterprise marketing functions all over the world, and marketing automation software has become the war-winning weapon of choice in many a marketer's armoury. Adoption of marketing automation software is particularly widespread in B2B marketing, with B2B companies being twice…

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  • the marketing power of case studies

    The Marketing Value of Case Studies

    Marketing has undergone a significant transformation over the past couple of decades, thanks largely to the emergence of many digital tools and tactics. But, this digital transformation doesn’t necessarily mean that more traditional marketing tools have become void of any value. Far from it. One of the marketing tools that has stood up to the test of longevity and avoided…

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