• the marketing power of case studies

    The Marketing Value of Case Studies

    Marketing has undergone a significant transformation over the past couple of decades, thanks largely to the emergence of many digital tools and tactics. But, this digital transformation doesn’t necessarily mean that more traditional marketing tools have become void of any value. Far from it. One of the marketing tools that has stood up to the test of longevity and avoided…

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  • outsourcing to improve your markeitng ROI

    Outsourcing to increase your marketing ROI

    You may have noticed a direct correlation between the sheer boom in marketing possibilities, and the number of companies outsourcing concurrent functions. It’s no coincidence, of course. And it’s not simply because there’s more ground to cover (although, this is an obvious benefit). Today’s marketers have discovered that, not only can they get more done and to a higher quality…

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  • 5 signs you don't have a marketing strategy

    5 signs you don’t have a marketing strategy

    How can you tell if an enterprise doesn’t have an effective marketing strategy? Marketing without strategy is like fishing without bait. Sure, you might catch something, but it’s probably not what you’re looking for, and if it is, it’s incredibly difficult to repeat.   “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” ~ Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist   Here are five warning…

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  • how to outsource your pr

    How to outsource your PR

    Outsourcing your PR really is a no-brainer. Why? Because your reputation is everything. A good rapport is more powerful than even the strongest of marketing campaigns. And an experienced PR professional knows just how to make that happen. All press is good press? Bill Gates himself once said: “if I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on…

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  • automation balance for marketing

    Automation: Finding the right balance for marketing

    Managing your marketing efforts requires more time and more people to provide a respectable ROI; automation can help you do more with less, but how do you create balance to maintain results? Automating your marketing processes is a simple process that is often complicated by the people offering to run your campaign. As your business grows, it becomes impossible for…

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  • why social media is beating SEO

    Why Social Media is beating SEO

    Is social media part of an effective SEO strategy, or is does it require a different approach to achieve the best results? Search results. Other than conversion, nothing else really matters. We’ve been hearing for years that SEO is the only way to boost your search results, and the implications are there that if you aren’t investing in SEO, you’re…

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  • What do sales really want form marketing

    What do sales really want from Marketing?

    Call it sibling rivalry. It’s not uncommon to hear behind the scenes dissonance from anguished sales executives, concerned about the number of leads generated by their should-be confidant marketeers. Equally, were you to head over to the marketing department, you’d hear grumbles that the sales team simply aren’t converting the leads that are already there. Perhaps they’re not aware of the…

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  • social media marketing taken seriously

    Social media marketing: Why it should be taken seriously

    Social media: everyone’s on it! Even your once luddite relatives have succumbed to the pull of social networking. So proliferant is it, that it may be thanks to social media that you’re reading (and hopefully sharing) this article right now. So if your audience is in one place, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to drop your anchor there? In case…

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