• content mistakes

    The Biggest Mistake In Content Marketing

    Content marketing is about actively creating and distributing media that's intended to lead consumers toward some predefined goal. Unfortunately, that basic concept is lost on many content marketers. They fail to make distinctions among the four content types, the result is a confused mess, and content consumers take no action at all. So how do you avoid the biggest mistake…

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  • coca cola branding

    Brand Equity & Coca-Cola – Is it the Real Thing?

    A little scenario for you. You’re doing a bit of shopping. Let’s say you’re on the hunt for a necklace for that special loved one. You look in  the window, and see two necklaces. Both are beautiful, sparkling and bedecked with sumptuous jewels that make your soul sing. One is a Tiffany. The other is an unknown. The Tiffany is…

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  • Marketing pricing guide

    Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marketing?

    It’s hard to set the marketing budget each year.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.  To complicate matters when you approach an agency they often ask what budget you have for a particular project, and then happily spend every last cent! If only you could know what other businesses in your industry are paying for their marketing projects, setting your budgets…

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  • large group of cool people

    5 ways to to earn extra revenue for your not for profit member organization

    Are you a not for profit or other professional organization with members who look to you to add value? Have you worked hard to increase your member base; running successful events, offering free workshops, publishing online resources, but still struggle to earn revenue? We all know that it is hard find sponsors and advertisers, but this article shows you how. Many B2B…

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  • How Do You Evaluate Your Buying Cycle?

    How Do You Evaluate Your Buying Cycle?

    Regardless of whether you are marketing online or offline, the buying cycle is critical to converting leads, and predicting what outcome your marketing efforts will have. Understanding the buying cycle is a threefold process. First, you need to identify the buying cycle that customers go through when they approach your business or client, considering a purchase. Then, you need to…

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  • With the Rise of China, How Do You Rank On Baidu?

    With the Rise of China, How Do You Rank On Baidu?

    Is expanding into the Chinese marketplace as easy as optimizing your site, or are the requirements more complex? Search engine optimization projects all follow a fairly similar trajectory. Regardless of the strategy, methods and software used, the end goal is normally to rank well on Google, with Bing taking a definite second place. Chinese markets are truly massive, and Baidu…

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  • The Basics of Crisis Management in Marketing

    The Basics of Crisis Management in Marketing

    When the going gets tough, can the tough get going? When something goes awry with a marketing campaign, you'll need to take fast, decisive action. But many marketing disasters have been compounded by mismanagement and panic. Who could forget HMV’s rogue tweeter? A member of staff with access to the relevant passwords had just been fired, and nobody else in…

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