• benefits crowdsourcing marketing function

    Benefits of Weaving Crowdsourcing Into The Fabric of Your Marketing Function

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you should be familiar with the term crowdsourcing by now. Crowdsourcing describes when an enterprise offers an “open call” to an online community (crowd) where anyone with the right skill set can complete the task for payment, special recognition or just the satisfaction of helping out - dependant…

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  • debunking the top 10 SEO myths

    Debunking the Top 10 SEO Myths

    Becoming a truly digital enterprise means embracing all that technology has to offer, and optimizing your use of all available developments. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial element of digital marketing, and is something that needs to be correctly understood to be used smartly and effectively. I don’t think a day goes by when a self-proclaimed expert doesn’t profess to…

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  • How agile is your data

    How agile is your data?

    Big data is a key buzzword of the hyper-driven digital revolution. It’s been hailed by many as crucial to operational efficiency as well as marketing success  - enabling organizations to make more intelligent decisions and improve problem solving capabilities. Yet the trouble for most businesses is that big data is being produced at such a rate that they are failing…

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  • how to excel at b2b marketing

    How to excel at B2B Marketing

    There is no recipe for marketing to any audience but when it comes to B2B marketing the specifics are all the more important.   Targeting your strategy and using all the platforms available to you with key objectives in mind are all crucial to success. So how can you make B2B marketing work for you?  Make friends with Google The…

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  • contextualization vs personalization

    Personalization vs. contextualization: getting it right

    You have the data to create a customized experience for your target audience, but what’s your strategy to present it: should you stop at personalized or create an effective contextual experience?   Today’s online experiences must be unique to effectively engage with your target audience, and this can be accomplished by leveraging a variety of marketing skills.   Find a…

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  • how much should your business budget for marketing

    How much should your business budget for marketing?

    Before too long, it’ll be that time again to get your number-crunching hat on and tackle your marketing budget. You’ve been allocated a six or nine-figure sum to spend on annual marketing activities. But, is it enough? Will it ever be enough? Luckily, you’ve still got a few months of respite before the stress, the headaches and the balancing act begins.…

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  • guide to multi channel attibution models

    A Guide To Multi-Channel Attribution Models

    As the digital landscape is changing and digital marketing space is increasing, understanding how marketing channels contribute to purchasing on your website is a critical aspect that every market leader should be aware of.   Need a world class multi-channel marketing strategy?   What is an Attribution Model? An attribution model determines the value of every or some of the…

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