• pinterest marketing really 5 reasons why

    Pinterest Marketing! Really? 5 reasons why.

    We’ve been reporting on the opportunities within Pinterest since its very early days, but is it still a viable marketing tool for today’s enterprise? In a word, yes!   Capturing the attention of your target market has always been a challenge, and for today’s multi-screen generation, getting those clicks and conversions requires that your team be flexible, current, and willing…

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  • taylor swift twitter google and your SEO

    Taylor Swift, Twitter, Google and your SEO

    As of yesterday, US mobile users conducting a Google search for information on a particular topic will be greeted with relevant Tweets in their search results.   Twitter announced the new partnership via its public blog yesterday, with words from Jana Messerschmidt, VP of Global Business Development & Platform. At present, the deal will only affect searches made in English…

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  • 75 years of mcdonalds marketing

    75 Years of McDonald’s Marketing Hits & Misses

    McDonald’s - the most recognised fast food brand in the world - turns 75 this year. Over the years, they've attempted to whet our appetites with a myriad of marketing activities. Some have hit the spot, others have missed the mark.   We’ve previously looked at the secret to McDonald’s global branding success, and how the company has grown from its…

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  • hello twitter it's barack really

    “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really!”

    In an entertaining show of mediocrity and light-hearted banter, Barack Obama made his entrance into the Twitterverse yesterday morning, finally joining the rest of humanity on the world’s second most popular social media site.   It took only a few hours for @POTUS (President of the United States) to reach one million followers - already more than his UK counterpart…

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  • Mobile Ads Feature

    Is it the end for your mobile ad campaigns?

    Ad-blocking software has been available to desktop users for years, with one of the most popular choices being ‘AdBlock’ - a free extension available on Google’s Chrome Web Store. AdBlock was originally released in 2009 and its popularity has grown exponentially over the years, with over 10 million avid users now registered worldwide. Given the recent boom in smartphone usage,…

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  • Top 5 Marketing FEATURE

    Top 5 in-demand marketing skills

    Marketing continues to be a strong skillset for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking for success both on and offline in today’s marketplace. We’ve shared some of the key marketing service trends for 2015, but felt it was important to provide more details as to what each niche can provide for your next project. 1) Content Creation Although certainly not a…

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  • kitkat youtube break

    Google & Nestle team up for viral branding scheme!

    Recent insight into Nestle’s KitKat demographic found that fans of the four-finger treat are also avid YouTube watchers. For this reason the two conglomerates paired up and have launched their latest viral scheme. The rebranding of the classic KitKat wrapper. 600,000 KitKat candy bars are set to be repackaged a new design, emblazoned: ‘YouTube break’.   Need a viral branding…

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  • social media marketing for enterprise

    Social Media Marketing for Enterprise: 10 ‘Must Haves’

    Social media is now a powerful marketing tool for enterprises. Today, almost 30% of the world’s estimated 7 billion inhabitants are now regular users of social media and its plethora of platforms. With such a massive user-base - increasing by 12% since last year alone - it’s easy to understand why enterprises are weaving social media into the fabric of…

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  • the magic of mobile marketing

    Your business in their pocket: the magic of mobile marketing

    Mobile marketing is a powerful tool. Whether your audience carries a tablet, phablet, smartphone, smartwatch or a combination of all four, they’ll be aware of the frustration caused when businesses - especially their favourite brands, products and services - don’t cater for their fingertips. Responsive websites are essential but full-blown apps are becoming just as critical.   Not mobile-marketing ready?…

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