• Dancers in a row

    SEO: Be More Effective With These Seven Tips

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! Optimizing your online presence so that you feature high in search engine results means that all your money and effort spent on  building your product, service and company will be seen and appreciated. And once you're on the top, success breeds success. Generally if you have good quality content it should automatically lead to…

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  • How to find best marketing companies

    How to Find the Best Marketing Companies

    Finding the best marketing companies for your project can be the difference between your company succeeding or failing.   Answering the question ‘how to find marketing companies?’ is easy in one respect we just Google it, right? The trouble with that strategy is what we get back in our search results are companies that simply promote themselves as the ‘best…

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  • shutterstock_168180653

    Are you killing your brand?

    As you’ve doubtless seen from our daily Halloween blogs, some businesses start with great intentions but lose focus over time due to business pressure, management changes or a failure to really understand the value of a strong brand.   Brand is often mistaken for visual identity but in reality it’s much wider than that; in essence, brand is a corporate…

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  • SEO selection

    How to Buy SEO Services Online and Get What You Need

    SEO is an ever changing beast. With all of the Penguins, Pandas, Pigeons and Hummingbirds flying, running and jumping around these days, it’s easy to see why choosing the right SEO partner can be a real nightmare. SEO is still a mysterious and magical activity for many marketers, but not knowing your nofollow from your micro-formats does not have to…

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  • Linkedin Screen on a tablet

    6 tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business

    Read any article on using LinkedIn for growing your business and all the tips are the same. Make sure your profile is complete, import your address book, join relevant LinkedIn Groups, make a company page and you should engage softly with prospects. These tips are all fine, but follow them and you will only be scratching the surface of what…

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  • retroactive seo links

    Retroactive SEO – Link Audits and Backlink Cleaning

    One of the great things about the Global Services Exchange is that we have an amazing depth of expertise within our community. This means that when we want to dig around and find out what and when a certain industry thinks about something, we can reach in and ask our very own users. Over the last few months the discussion…

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  • content mistakes

    The Biggest Mistake In Content Marketing

    Content marketing is about actively creating and distributing media that's intended to lead consumers toward some predefined goal. Unfortunately, that basic concept is lost on many content marketers. They fail to make distinctions among the four content types, the result is a confused mess, and content consumers take no action at all. So how do you avoid the biggest mistake…

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  • coca cola branding

    Brand Equity & Coca-Cola – Is it the Real Thing?

    A little scenario for you. You’re doing a bit of shopping. Let’s say you’re on the hunt for a necklace for that special loved one. You look in  the window, and see two necklaces. Both are beautiful, sparkling and bedecked with sumptuous jewels that make your soul sing. One is a Tiffany. The other is an unknown. The Tiffany is…

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