• Why Event Marketing is good for business

    Why Event Marketing is good for business

    Most businesses have a well-identified target audience, but not all of them find a way to interact directly with their customers and suppliers through event marketing. To grab the attention of a whole group of people, rather than just selected individuals, you need to host events or use other events to enhance your marketing strategy. Here are some top tips on…

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    The Corporate Responsibility dilemma – what you need to do

    You’ve gotta love a buzzword when it starts to trend, and while SMBs might still be bandying about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mantra, those in the FTSE 100 have matriculated to corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, and corporate sustainability. So, whichever buzzword your business belongs to, why be responsible, how, and what’s in it for you? Why Corporate Responsibility? In…

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    ‘We are Wales’ National Cycling Team and blur’s services marketplace

    Craig McCrum,blur's Enterprise Business Development Manager (left). Eifion Weinzweig, co-founder of Weinzweig-Dejan Cycling, leading We are Wales (right). For those of you who don't know blur, we run the world’s largest online marketplace for business services and we are based here in the South West on the Exeter Science Park. As revealed on radio today, I’m pleased to announce that we…

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    What can affiliate marketing do for you in 2015?

    Affiliate marketing has had a steady increase in popularity over the last 10 years. But how does it really work, and is it right for you? What is affiliate marketing? To make sure we’re all on the same proverbial page, affiliate marketing is when another website acts as an outsourced digital sales team for your enterprise. They promote your product…

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    Top 4 priorities for CMOs in 2015

    The world of marketing is constantly changing. So when predicting where and how to spend budgets over the next 12 months, where should CMOs be turning? A report by marketing technology provider, Conductor, recently cited four key areas that marketing executives in enterprise size organizations are placing at the top of their priority lists for 2015 – data, targeting, technology…

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    Business websites – the shameful truth?

    71%of business websites have an ineffective online presence... Unbelievable! There are over 18.2 million software and web developers worldwide, 20,000 of which are fully vetted and available via blur. The majority are affable geeks – but if you’re scared they’ll bamboozle you with technical know-how, just call us or visit our website development page as we speak your language, i.e.…

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  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    The Pros and Cons of Pay-per-click Advertising

    When PPC advertising is done right, it can promote your business and increase sales simply and effectively. Pay-per-click Advertising or 'PPC', is essentially an online business partnership that involves directing traffic to affiliated websites. Or, in more basic terms, you put an advert on another company or person's website, and pay the website owner every time the advert is clicked.…

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  • Successful campaign strategy

    5 Essential Tips for a Successful Campaign Strategy

    For a campaign strategy to be successful, planning is essential. Here are our essential tips to kicking off and nailing a successful marketing campaign strategy: 1. Determine Your  Campaign Strategy Objective What is it that you want to achieve exactly? Of course we all want to ‘increase revenues’...but the question is how? The more specific you are about what you…

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