• PR Feature (Blog)

    Top 4 misconceptions of Public Relations

    Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, once famously said: ‘If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations’. Mr Gates is now the wealthiest entrepreneur on the planet and has been for 16 of the past 21 years. Although Mr Gates would have to be extremely unlucky (or absurdly stupid) to be in a position where…

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  • market professional services

    How to effectively market Professional Services

    The professional services industry is worth in excess of $1.5 trillion in the US alone, employing almost 8 million Americans across three quarters of a million firms. It’s safe to say that the industry is not only a substantial contributor to the US economy, but the global economy too. Professional services firms are among the oldest and most traditional organizations…

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  • agile marketing

    How agile is your marketing department?

    Agile marketing’ is a term that’s recently been used so frequently that you’d be forgiven for thinking this approach to marketing activity has actually become a specific discipline or tactic. The are many definitions of ‘agile marketing’ but, in reality, the word agile preceding marketing simply relates to the way in which your marketing department approaches strategy, planning and implementation.…

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  • How much is the White House

    How much is the White House?

    Elections have never really been won on values, justice, political skill and ideas alone. In fact, it’s arguable that these are mostly the glossy sheen on the colder realities of political campaigning, since you never get to put those things to the masses without a serious amount of money being thrown at media and PR campaigns, team and staff salaries,…

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  • Digital Marketing budget wasted

    Why over 50% of your Digital Marketing budget may be wasted

    The world of visual advertising has gone through a seismic shift over the last 30 years, accelerating its transition towards digital over the past decade or so with online video platforms like YouTube. Analog adverts on TV were once considered ample advertising for a large target audience. More than that, TV ads were once the only mechanism for targeting stakeholders en…

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  • The Power of Positive Reviews

    The power of positive reviews – why are they important?

    According to ecommerce review experts Trustpilot, online reviews can increase business revenues by up to 40%. This is the age of the informed buyer, and the power of positive reviews simply cannot be denied.   Need to iron out the problem areas of your business? blur's Service Providers have it covered   It’s not just limited to restaurants, hotels and…

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  • What your email marketing metrics really mean

    What do email marketing metrics really mean?

    Email marketing is widely used across all types of businesses and is a great tool for driving sales. Assessing your audience’s engagement through marketing metrics can help determine where they fit into your customer journey.   Increase sales with top quality email marketing from blur’s Service Providers   Here are the key email marketing metrics you should be keeping an…

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  • Linkedin Marketing and your employees

    Your Corporate Linkedin Marketing Strategy and Your Employees

    That Social Media is important for business now goes without saying - connecting with audiences effectively for the purpose of engagement, brand awareness as well as sales for both B2C and B2B is a given. Linkedin marketing is central for many providers and their audiences. Always in pursuit of quality and well as quantity, Linkedin’s latest emphasis illustrates its future…

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  • Hillary Clinton Twitter

    Could Twitter win Hillary Clinton the presidency?

    After the social media success of Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, politicians have woken up to the power of Twitter. Sometimes, that has lead to the most toxic faux pas, but it has also brought a new facet to the way we engage with our political leaders. Today the rumor mills are on hyper alert as we expect Hillary Clinton…

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