• Avoiding the biggest content marketing mistakes

    Avoiding the biggest content marketing mistakes

    Content marketing continues to be an effective tool to provide your target audience with the information they need to make an informed purchase. Don’t trip yourself up by making these content marketing mistakes:   Find a content marketing expert in the blur Marketplace   Fail to plan, plan to fail Before you publish your first article, you should have a…

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  • why marketing should make firends with procurement

    Why marketing should make friends with procurement

    Creating a stronger connection between your marketing and procurement team can provide improved marketing results without breaking the bank Too often, marketing is seen as the creative darling of the enterprise, while procurement is seen as mere bean counters, but with a bit of guidance and asking a few important questions, you can connect these two essential teams and create…

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  • how to overcome the top3 b2b challenges

    Overcoming the Top 3 B2B marketing challenges

    Finding, connecting, and tracking the right audience are some of the more challenging aspects of an effective B2B marketing strategy. Here are three useful techniques to help you overcome these common challenges and improve your marketing efforts   Learn how to excel at B2B marketing   Identifying the right audience Knowing your target audience is Marketing 101, but too often,…

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  • video marketing campaigns 5 must haves

    Video marketing campaigns: 5 must haves

    With the growth of online video and live streaming services such as YouTube it is paramount that enterprises embrace video marketing as a major communication strategy. As online video views are expected to reach record numbers in 2016, estimated to be around 1.6 billion, now more than ever is the time to invest in video marketing.   Looking for an…

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  • mobile marketing customer relationship management

    Mobile marketing for Customer Relationship Management

    What does a Customer Relationship Management tool need to help you improve your mobile marketing efforts for your enterprise? The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool has become a strong part of the marketing mix for today’s enterprises. In the past thirty years, the CRM has grown from a glorified address book to the multichannel, robust, and predictive system it currently…

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  • Optimizing your SEO with video

    Optimizing your SEO with video

    Since online marketing overtook traditional print for the first time in 2012, video content has become an increasingly potent part of SEO and a valued tool in the arsenals of most brands and websites. The questions remain however – why and how does video drive traffic to your site and improve your SEO?   Why use video in SEO? It’s…

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  • Why marketing needs to be creative

    Why marketing needs to be creative

    Marketing has always aspired to be creative. Aiming to be eye catching and more appealing to clients than other market leaders is how brand equity is built.   The creativity must lead to sales however, so how does that pressure apply when the market is bigger and more competitive than ever?   Find the creative talent you need to succeed…

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  • Tech smart CMOs need CIO friends

    Tech smart CMO’s need CIO friends

    Strong ties between tech-savvy CMOs and marketing-aware CIOs can create strong results for your enterprise You’re a technology aware Chief Marketing Officer for your growing enterprise, and you’ve got great ideas as to how technology can help you improve your marketing campaigns, but if you don’t have a strong connection with your Chief Information Officer, you probably won’t get the…

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  • how a marketing agency can improve your lead generation

    How a marketing agency can improve your lead generation

    Marketing agencies have become valid and strategic partners whose main task is to bring products or services to market using the most efficient and effective means possible, thereby maximizing return on investment.   How can a Marketing agency help your business? People usually underestimate the power and the utility of Marketing agencies because they think they can easily manage all…

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