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  • 3 on fleek enterprises millennial leaders in action

    Millennial Enterprise leaders in action

    Call them millennials, GenY, or GenWhy?, but the demographic born in the 80s until the early 2000s is an essential part of your enterprise: as customers, employees, or both. Here are 3 examples of how millennials are making business totally 'on fleek'. Urban Dictionary defines ‘on fleek’ as ‘the quality of being perfect, or very good’. If you’re working with millennials, chances…

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  • Driverless Car

    Driverless car production will boost economies by trillions come 2030

    Global financial services group and blur service provider KPMG, has conducted a major study, which predicts that the driverless car industry will boost the US car market by an estimated $445 billion by 2030, the UK economy by £51 billion and the global economy by trillions of dollars. Global financial services group and blur service provider KPMG, has conducted a…

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  • Business is changing

    Business is changing

    Business is changing rapidly and the pace is accelerating. Key trends that have given the greatest impetus to this most recently are: post recession economies trying to to get better value for money as budgets are squeezed, and the continued evolution of technology. The increased turbulence of these trends has meant that economies are challenged and encouraged to do more…

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  • Innovative technology replacing PIN numbers

    Halifax: Could your heartbeat replace your PIN number?

    Halifax are set to be the first bank in the UK to up their security game and trial a new technology, allowing customers to access their banking through analysing their heartbeat. The idea behind this being the user wears a wristband that they pair with their smartphone. The band will then measure unique cardiac rhythms and record them accordingly. Providing…

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  • shutterstock_175606820 (1)

    The full stack start-up

    A term we’ve been hearing a lot in technology business circles recently is full stack start-up. But what is it and how is it changing the business game? What is a full stack start-up? It essentially means a company that has its core capability in technology, yet employs multiple capabilities outside of its core traditional focus to control the entire…

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  • shutterstock_156225140

    IBM & the cloud

    The saying used to go “no-one ever got fired for choosing IBM”. Well, in light of more recent (and likely imminent) events, can that maxim hold any weight - particularly with their own employees? And does the answer lie in the cloud? What it basically comes down to is that IBM is struggling in the current, increasingly cloudy technology landscape.…

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  • Corporate incubators – accelerating innovation?

    Corporate incubators – accelerating innovation?

    Welcome to The Accelerated Age of Incubation... According to, we have entered the “4th Era of Innovation where the scale of a big company can unleash innovation rather than shackle it”. Through numerous business incubators, accelerators, and ‘Tech Cities’ across the globe, smaller, more agile and innovative startups are looking more and more towards the resource, guidance, contacts and…

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