Year End Countdown – The Rise of Software as a Transaction

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Year End Countdown – The Rise of Software as a Transaction

blur Group’s aim is to change the way that businesses source services, which is why today’s countdown is all about Software as a Transaction.

Software as a Transaction

First there was Software in the Box, then there was Software as a Service; now there’s Software as a Transaction, bringing true freedom to businesses.

Software as a Service was a fantastic innovation, it allowed you to utilize the software you needed without having to worry about installation or disks. It meant that you could try new software to ensure it was correct for your business, and different levels of product meant more flexible pricing.

But there is a thorn in the SaaS model, and that’s the contract. Businesses need to move fast, and the solution that worked last quarter might not be the right one for this quarter. This is where Software as a Transaction comes, allowing you a consumer level of freedom by basing the model on transactions. It gives you the beauty of SaaS: no on-premise software, no overheads, no upgrade issues, but it takes away the commitment.

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