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Year End Countdown – Do We Need Business Cards?

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Year End Countdown - Do We Need Business Cards?

We’re back again with our daily countdown to the end of the year, today we look at the state of the business card.

Business Cards Design

Visiting any business conference, you’ll receive any number of business cards, thrown at you from all directions by businessmen desperate for your custom. But in a world in which you can just google a potential client or customer, or stalk research them on LinkedIn, those little pieces of card are surely just a quaint relic of a bygone age of business?

Business cards might seem obsolete in the days of Facebook and Mobile, but is this actually a great time for them? The business card is more than just a piece of card with your details on it. It’s a way of making a first impression, and a great business card can help you stick in the mind of a customer, acting as the first step to that sale.

What do you think? Is there still a place for business cards or are their days numbered?

Click through to read our blog on what we think about business card design.

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