Why Crowdsourcing Is Important To Me: Dave Evans

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In the first of a series of guest blogs based on the theme of ‘Why Crowdsourcing Is Important To Me’, blur Group is pleased to introduce, Dave Evans. Dave is an experienced Internet and mobile technologist and recently co-founded Somo Interactive mobile advertising agency. 

In a stable environment (one with known customers and known competitors within a macro-economic climate), it’s best to follow the existing norm;  large corporates refining their processes, incrementally gaining market share and building resources which will be fully utilised in the course of business.

However this model is challenged when the rules change – when the economy changes rapidly, the competitors come from left field or technology changes occur so rapidly that existing products become obsolete.

This is the environment in which Crowdsourcing has started to flourish. I like to characterise this move to Crowdsourcing as a replica of the move in the 90’s, where we moved from stockpiling resources to ‘Just-In-Time’ manufacturing. This shift enabled companies to become more flexible and competitive, pushing the risk of holding stock back to their suppliers.

IT was the enabler for this massive change in manufacturing- and Crowdsourcing does the same for people.  Crowdsourcing has resulted in companies being able to rapidly call upon experienced, skilled staff to counter particular problems or challenges, providing ‘Just-In-Time’ delivery of solutions. And IT is once again at the forefront – it enables Crowdsourcing to flourish, ensuring that the right people with the right skills are available for these opportunities.

However, the present day IT Systems are not the ERP systems of the 90’s, but social network platforms. These enable individuals to share their skills and their experiences. Crowdsourcing offers a market place between the Crowd and the consumer.

The unexpected benefit is not just a more efficient economic model for resources but the opportunity to bring in specialists and experts in a competitive environment with individuals in the Crowd competing for your business – bringing their creativity and experience to pitch for your business.

Potentially, this could bring about a complete change in the way business works. The best people will move from the safety of corporate life and immerse themselves within the Crowd. The Crowdsourcing market brings together supply and demand, reduces the economics and the best people are available to work on specific (and often complicated) business problems.

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