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Which Technical Product Has Changed Your Marketing? What blur Experts Think!

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blur technology expert blogIn a recent article, Forbes talked about the need for technology in the life of the modern CMO (You can find the article here). So we asked blur experts about the tech that’s changed their marketing…


Jeff Ferguson
I read the article and I would say that I’m “blown away by his revelations” if I hadn’t been living a tech infused career since the beginning. As someone who left college with degrees in Communications and Computer Science in 1995, when I lept into the internet marketing profession, I was always using tech tools to do my job.


My only hope is that this article was meant for the CMOs who somehow have somehow made it through their career to date without using the various tools that have been available for years and not for those of us who have been doing it all along!


Anyway, to answer your questions, Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most powerful tools any marketing can have at their disposal. Even as new new, new media channels imerge, such as social media, mobile, Google Analytics has kept up with ways to track how they influence your marketing and company goals.


Next month at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in New York, I am speaking on “The Big Lie of New Social Media Metrics,” where I will be talking about how, with each new layer of internet marketing possibilities, we seem to be creating new metrics that actually distract us from the real purpose of the marketing and advertising in the first place. Our goals should never be more “likes” or “followers,” but instead should always be focused on the key business goals for our company. Likes, Followers, Impressions, Clicks, and so on are all part of a larger equation, and Google Analytics can help you with the final, important answer to this equation.


Most of the new tools that I’ve seen come on the market seem to be answering questions no one should be asking in the first place, but are fun to look at just the same. Therefore, I would have to say, if Analytics went away, it would be a very sad day at our office.


Rob Sandall
There have been more than a few recent program updates that have made my life easier than ever – Scrivener made quite the impact to copy editing, and of course a myriad of Google apps continue to improve and evolve.


However, it’s Evernote that has changed everything of late, whether it be my working life or prepping creative projects in music, design, writing – capturing media on the fly and stacking/storing it for easy recall across tablet, phone, Mac. The option of attaching notes to maps makes everything that little bit more relevant to research projects, and to my life too. On top of that you can even capture written pages in clear and sharp imagery and annotate those as you see fit, which brings scribbled diagrams and off-hand scrawls back into digital project work – no bad thing at all.


Adam Troudart
First of all I agree with Forbes that CMOs need to have better technical skills so as to keep their edge in the rapidly evolving marketing game. However, I would hate to see marketing professionals distracted by technical bells and whistles and forgetting their priorities. Analytics software, CRM systems and the likes are merely tools. The marketing message, the product you deliver and the empathy towards your customer are far more important in my mind.


I think marketing professional should be familiar with the most widely used tools out there but master only one or two. The technical products which
I think are vital today are:
1.A blogging platform, preferably WordPress
2.A website analytics tool, Google Analytics and Facebook insights at the very least
3.A social media management tool, such as HootSuite
4.A lead generation tool, such as Aweber


Content creation is my no. 1 tool for generating leads, therefore I use blogging extensively. I couldn’t live without WordPress. It’s such a solid product, so user friendly and it’s arguably the best blogging platform and CMS for marketers out there.


Jacob Land
Social media tools are key. When it comes to marketing, you need to go where the consumer goes, whether it be in movie theaters, at the bus stop, or on facebook and twitter.


Rob Turner
Personally I think it helps to an extent to know technical skills but equally I would argue having people around you with the skill is important too. No promotional push can exist without the right blend of technical and creative people and it is very rare you get both.


The stuff you need depends on the job- If your project requires art use the tablet or the scanning equipment that suits you. Don’t be distracted by shiny stuff, do the research and find what’s right for you!


Jacky Lok
Digital analytical products to understand your digital campaigns. Today is all about digital marketing. With it you can measure, analyse and improve your performance.


Fred Felton
Certainly the devices that marketing professionals need today are good smartphones with good social media, camera and push email built in. This enables you to run a marketing campaign on the go and even live blog and tweet and upload pics and vids to Youtube. Let us not forget a good tablet and laptop. All handy for campaigns.


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