What's Twappening?

At blur Group, social media is the sea in which we swim. We recruit creatives, engage with potential customers, promote our blogs, share interesting content and we’ve found that Twitter is the most effective platform to do all that, and more. Here’re the tools, initiatives and people impacting Twitter today.

Users were outraged by the introduction of Promoted content on Twitter last year. Advertisers can pay to have their accounts, tweets or trends ‘promoted’ so they’ll crop up at the top of suggested accounts and trending topics. Users can’t avoid the content. Disgruntled Tweeters predicted the platform would descend into advertising hell but it seems to working rather well so far. As Twitter’s CEO said recently, “That thing is working better than we could have ever hoped.” The ads are much less obtrusive than Facebook’s banner ads or Youtube’s inescapable video spots. Balance will be important here because users will be moved to fits of incandescent rage if their feeds fill up with promoted content.

Wendy’s showed us this month that content remains king, promoted or not. To promote their new burger the sneaky marketers created an account called @GirlBehindSix with no obvious affiliation to Wendy’s. The account was billed as a 140 character game show. Users completed tasks and answered questions to win fun prizes like mopeds, upscale headphones and cash money. The account was only promoted for one day yet gained 1,000 new followers every day for a month. Followers had no idea Wendy’s was behind the account until a few days ago. It turned out that Girl Behind Six referred to the sixth open spot on the Wendy’s burger menu now filled by the W burger.

Speaking of content, we’ve found that Hootsuite is the most effective way to manage lots of content across multiple platforms. It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress to name a few. It’s got RSS integration so you can feed your blog onto Twitter automatically. We particularly like the Ow.ly system for shrinking URL’s which lets us track how many people clickthrough on the links we post. Although we’d recommend Hootsuite as the best way to manage a lot of content, do please make sure you know what you’re doing! The Red Cross got into trouble when a ‘social media specialist’ made a Hootsuite error and posted a tweet about #gettngslizzerd on the Red Cross’ Twitter rather than her personal account.

And if you need support in managing your followers and followees, try Formulist for personalized, self-updating Twitter lists. The tool has a highly specified search engine, so you can find food bloggers, or Nascar fans or Sheffield residents, then compile them into lists. At that point, the lists will update themselves, so when another Sheffield dweller joins Twitter, they’ll show up in your list. You can also find the hubs of influence in your areas of interest. Handy. Formulist can also help you spring clean your account by eliminating the people you follow who, in an unforgivable breach of Twetiquette, don’t follow you back.

We hope you found this interesting and helpful. We also hope you’re following us! And if you want to do something extraordinary on Twitter, brief the Exchange.


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  1. Brandon Rhoten

    Appreciate the coverage, Katherine. We wanted to stir up some conversation about our new cheeseburger and figure out if micro-blogging works to launch an old-school product. Seemed to do the trick. Want more on what we did, you can get me on Twitter @brhoten. –Brandon Rhoten, Director of Digital at Wendy’s. 


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