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Twitter's Top Marketing Campaigns of 2012

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twitter top marketing campaigns 2012Twitter has compiled a marketing hit parade to celebrate the best social media campaigns of 2012. Some of the companies in the list used some of Twitter’s paid features to enhance the brand’s regular social media interaction.


EE, the new mobile phone network that brings T-Mobile and Orange customers together, attracted widespread criticism for its billboard marketing in 2012. Its campaigns claimed that 4G internet access was present in areas which weren’t yet provisioned with the service.


However, in terms of its social media marketing, Twitter felt it was the best brand on its network throughout the year. EE used a combination of best practice (such as @ replies, hashtags and retweets), Promoted Trends, location targeting and interest streams to engage its audience over the launch of its new 4G mobile network.


Starbucks is another interesting choice for the Twitter top ten. In the last month, the coffee company has been criticised for the way it has handled its tax affairs and has lost some support among consumers. However, Twitter put the brand in second place for social media marketing, praising the use of hashtags in a free coffee promotion. The company later claimed that its #FreeStarbucks hashtag generated 5.1 million tweets; it gave away 350,000 free drinks on 14th March, the day the campaign launched.


In third place in Twitter’s rundown is Puma, a company which managed to neatly sidestep LOCOG’s strict rules about Olympic association. By asking followers to tweet pictures of themselves posing as Usain Bolt, it managed to get the company name trending on Twitter during the men’s 100m final despite having no association with the Olympics.


Free gifts were also given to followers who engaged with campaigns run by Dairy Milk, a Cadbury’s chocolate bar, which came in fourth. Coca Cola, which claimed seventh place, also gave away free drinks and got their campaign hashtag trending on Twitter.


Overall, the Olympics was the most tweeted about subject in 2012. Over 150 million tweets were sent about the Games. The US election was also a hot topic, with more than 31 million tweets published over election season.


The two most high-profile tweeters this year were arguably Barack Obama and the Pope. The US president’s victory tweet after the election was the most retweeted message in the history of Twitter. Later, Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet using an iPad 4 on 12th December. The Pope’s account has more than one million followers and several linked accounts which automatically republish his messages in different languages. The head of social innovation at Twitter, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, is rumoured to be responsible for recruiting high-profile tweeters, helping to boost visibility and engage more users.


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