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The week in tech: the shape of things to come

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HTC a week in tech

A week of innovation and promise of things to come. The biggest tech companies in the world are gearing up to unleash serious hardware and software to the public, and we have to say we’ve caught the bug ourselves.

From a real sense of the familiar when it comes to the latest smartphone to the weirdest opportunity to cause upset yet from Facebook, the tech landscape is ever-changing, so we’ve once again taken a look at the best and brightest blogs in the industry to see what should (and shouldn’t) be on our must- have lists.

HTC feeling familiar

HTC’s new phone is on the way, and The Verge confirms that similarities to a certain fruit-based competitor are very definitely looking like the most likely result upon launch. The press event isn’t far away at all, and now from more recent preview shots even the phone’s finish is reminiscent of iPhone. Still, we can expect new developments from Sense, and HTC themselves are sure that this one is going to be a game changer. We can but wait and see.

What’s in-store?

Speaking of Apple, Tech Crunch takes a fascinating look into the clicks-and-mortar approach of the tech giant and the astonishing success of high street stores. It’s actually an inspiring tale of success that, especially for such a web-centric company, might have seemed unlikely, and the insight into strategy and visitors against stores opened is utterly fascinating.

A healthy app-roach

You can look forward to a fitter figure and a healthier lifestyle if you take advantage of some of the sports apps currently on the market. Running, golf and cycling are covered in this Wired roundup, which focuses on location-based applications. Your routes can be better planned, your laps can be timed and you can even get competitive. If the weekend weather treats you well, it’s the perfect excuse to get out and about.

Pay to promote on Facebook?

One thing soon to be rife, although perhaps looked forward to less by those who value their privacy, is the newly-implemented Facebook scheme, reported on by Huffington Post that allows you to, erm, pay to promote your friends’ posts. Even if they don’t want you to it would seem. Nothing says ‘that’s hilarious’ or ‘congratulations’ like spending hard cash on pushing a post out to the world. We’re not convinced it’s going to be taken up by the masses too quickly, but still, it’ll make the possibility of amusing/spiteful promotional posts something to talk about over the coming weeks!

This blog is by Rob Sandall, Head of Content at blur Group.

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