The Numbers Up For The Numbers Game

Every now and then a ‘random’ and supposedly ‘fun’ game sweeps the status updates and news feeds of Facebook the world over. Now is one of those times. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to….The Numbers Game!

We have had spam apps such as the ‘see who’s using your profile’ scam, various cryptic games describing socks and what not and now, the annoyance of all annoyances, the numbers game.

The premise of the game is simple: using Crowdsourcing to spread the game, the Facebook user changes their status to something along the lines of:

‘send me a message with a number and I will give my opinion of you using that number, no one will know it’s you. It will be fun x…etc etc’.

This is where the ‘fun’ starts. News feeds are bombarded with constant pearls of wisdom, in status update form, such as:

‘#8 I think you’re amazing and the most fun person to know, but that night when you got sick in your Dad’s toolbox was probably the funniest ever.’

’18- I think you’re really fit and we should hook up some time.’

And my personal favourite:

‘no.38- To be honest with you, I think you’re a complete f**king p**ck and I forgot I even had you on here! Im hitting delete now!’

All real and charming in equal measure! Needless to say, the game has created as many haters as fans. I’ve seen many a frustrated status update on the subject, with some users at the point of deactivating their account. Very Anti-Social Media!

The games popularity was even less well received on Twitter, with some of my followers threatening to ‘unfollow’ anyone being flagrant with digits in their timelines!

It seems that the number is up then for the numbers game.

As effective as Crowdsourcing on Social Networks can be, you better have an interesting message or you might find yourself out of the timeline for good.


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