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29 March 2010

Agency 3.0

- Crowdsourcing The concept of ‘agency’ or the role of ‘agent’ has not changed much in 100 years. Particularly when it comes to the creative agency. But there’s something a brewing in agency land.

18 February 2010

Commission An Artist Online

- B-uncut People have been commissioning artists for a thousand years. It is one of the earliest forms of trade. Kings, Queens, Lords then industrialists, pioneers, even pirates took artists in and fed, housed and paid them to make great art. The artist commission is as old as time.

27 January 2010

b-uncut: An Art Revolution

- B-uncut A quiet revolution is under way in the art world. One that few expected and most missed. Because it’s on the Web; called b-uncut. It was started in 2007 by a group of contemporary artists, led by Philip Letts, as a new kind of collective. One without borders. One bound...

17 December 2009

b-uncut Store Rips, Supporting Emerging Artists

- B-uncut The b-uncut Store is doing for the art world what does for the music industry (which is why EMI bought them yesterday!). And art lovers are buying in, snapping up the latest contemporary art accessories - t-shirts, posters, coasters, mousepads and more. Here’s a few we like. Go to...

2 December 2009

The Museum Shop for the Masses

- B-uncut Museum shops at Moma and the Tate do a roaring trade – even in the current climate. People just love having a nifty product with cool art on it. After all who can afford that original Van Gogh these days. The problem is that Museums are hard to get to...

20 October 2009

A New Art Marketplace is Born

- B-uncut In 2007 a handful of pioneering artists had an idea. They thought that if they could use the Internet to unite and organize artists from around the world then together they could redefine the concept of art market. You see, they understood that world artists had had enough. Enough of...

30 September 2009

blur Group Launches Human Brands

- Human Brands P Diddy speaks out about artists need to develop and control their personal brands on and offline – inc social media. “Before, it was just at live shows, now you have to be able to do a great live show, you have to be able to do a great online...