S-Commerce: Levelling the Playing Field

Effective comparison is the basis of better business decisions, but how often are you able to put this into practice?

Life is complex, and business is no different, especially when it comes to making decisions about which service providers are the best fit for your company.  The Mad Men approach of smoking, martinis, and board rooms may be long past, but the world of services procurement moves fast, and the new way to find the perfect provider is s-commerce.

With the same revolutionary possibilities that e-commerce has yielded in consumer shopping, s-commerce utilises technology and expertsourcing to save you time and money when looking for expert firms. blur Group is the leader in the s-commerce space, with over 25,000 experts on the Global Services Exchange.

The importance of the search

Without knowing what you’re looking for you’re unlikely to find it, but then even when you’re more clued in how effective are your search methods? Do you have a particular type of agency discipline in mind, or is a certain style required?

Preparation is critically important. If it's not done thoroughly and honestly, the search is going to end up in misfire. An investment in time and money must be nurtured and worked at in order to be optimised. It's a progressive, positive force in industry when done correctly. And that starts with the search.
- Tom Finneran
American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's)

The more you know, the stronger the candidates you’ll be able to find, but such searches take time and the comparison level is distorted by the amount of contact that you’ve had with the prospective providers. It’s all too easy for additional items to be added to the initial pitch document, and keeping track of who’s said what can be a nightmare.

When sourcing expert firms on the Global Services Exchange you’ll find that Exchange Support is the only point of contact, so rather than having to update and keep track of a large number of people, you only have to touch base with them and they’ll relay the necessary information.

Similarly all information and pitches are kept together using the technology behind the trading platform, so you only have to access your account to see all the relevant information. There’s even premium accounts for those who are sourcing more than one project at time, or to oversee teams that regularly outsource.

Find people you trust who have been through the process recently to keep you up to date with the dynamics of the industry. Even if you did a selection process three years ago, half those agencies are going to be very different today.
- Sandra Vaughn
YouSendIt's CMO

With nearly 30,000 expert firms on the Exchange, there’s more variety then you could dream of, from creative consultants to specialist lawyers – whatever you’re looking for we’ve got it covered.

But don’t worry about being overwhelmed with responses, as Exchange Support shortlists those best suited to your projects, and they know who’ll be ideal – after all, they’ve done it for over $30m worth of projects to date.

Effective comparison model

All expert service firms will say that they’re best suited, but with the Global Services Exchange you can cut through the chatter, and Exchange Support can advise you on the best option.

This allows you to follow industry best practice, and gives you greater flexibility and ability to define the requisite projects whilst freeing up more time for you to devote to core business.

One of the key aspects of effective comparison is knowing when a service provider is worth the investment, for more information take a look at our blog: Big Service Provider Experience, Without Big Service Provider Rates.

Image Courtesy of Graham Hogg.

Will van Wyngaarden
Will is the Content Manager at blur Group.
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