Responsiveness – the top marketing trait?

As a marketer, what do you think are your core traits that make you successful? Creativity? Planning skills? Operational excellence? Lateral thinking? For most marketing heads in business, they have to add responsiveness to the list of the characteristics. Marketing is the interface to everyone in the organisation and to the external customer and stakeholder. So living in a vortex and ignoring input isn’t really going to be good for personal or professional development.

Never is this responsiveness more tested than when, in the midst of frantic marketing activity, the ‘special’ project arrives. Not the projects that are always up the sleeve of the marketing team –  the extra creative option, the new idea, the new approach, but the requests that arrive from a higher power. That higher power not being a religious deity, but the C-suite.

When the CEO is standing in the marketing department and he’s not asking about figures, it’s almost certainly because of a desire for some special project that marketing will be able to implement. These range from heavy duty stuff like a killer video for an investor presentation to the more prosaic – ‘I notice our competitor has sponsored a balloon, can we do that?’

What they do all have in common is that they tend to generate an ‘of course’ response. After all the life of a CMO isn’t the longest is it? And having said yes, it has to be resourced. Without breaking into allocated budgets. In double-quick time. To the highest standards. Using skills and tools that aren’t part of the normal package.

It’s obvious where you need to go to keep the responsive box ticked.


There is no alternative. Brief the Creative Services Exchange.


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