Quite Frankly: How Dare You?

S-Commerce blur GroupAsking our customers to live their lives through dot-coms needs conviction – a failure to practice what you preach will see companies outed and shunned before long.

The last time that the dot-com bubble failed, it was because the world finally took notice of what it was being sold and started to ask questions. Those questions have been thick and fast ever since, but it would be folly to assume that it leaves no room for complacency or guards dropped.

While the coffers swell, it’s easy to take an eye off of future-proofing. When the next crash comes it will be far more righteous and informed – customers can find out everything about your company now – and every inch of a businesses ideology will be under a lens.

I guess I’m asking whether your aim is to make an appearance online, or truly be online.

If it’s just the former, then with respect, how dare you be an advocate for change? Can you in all conscience ask a customer to be a part of your online microcosm if you yourself are not fully invested in its wider world? It’s fraud. Do as we would ask them to do – make every part of your own enterprise an online process.

S-Commerce: The Great Leveler

That’s the heart and goal of s-commerce: a platform that leaves behind a reliance on tired favourites or last-minute risks when briefing for services.

Big businesses and fledgling start-ups alike need to account for their spend, and both the discovery of talent and delivery of its yield are primary concerns. There’s no more constriction from a fear of the new when every pitch can be pre-screened.

There’s no more waiting for due process when your workflow has been rewired to a system of collaborative review paired with informed, concise administration.

In fact, it’s easier to say that there are no more excuses. There will always be a fear of the unknown, but we are not our parents, looking nervously at a computer monitor and timidly tapping in our card details. We are leaders and would-be leaders, and with that comes a responsibility.

Lead by example then, and bring your business to an Exchange of services that represent the biggest shift in B2B expansion for decades. blur Group: s-commerce for everyone.

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This blog is by Rob Sandall, Head of Content at blur Group.

is Head of Content at blur Group.
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