Project Space: another piece in the s-commerce process clicks in

s-commerce today gains further momentum as blur Group announces that its newest application, Project Space is live.


Project Space is a completely integrated task and project management application that extends the functionality of blur’s cloud-based blur Trading platform, rounding out the s-commerce promise of services discovery, purchase, payment and delivery.


Starting seamlessly when a customer selects their expert service provider, it  provides an open, collaborative environment where all Exchange users can deliver s-commerce projects. Project Space includes:

  • Project Timeline: a dynamic graphic representation of services-specific tasks and workflow with different views by user type
  • Task Management and File Sharing
  • Ability to invite outside collaborators
  • Automatic triggering of invoicing and payment management by key delivery milestones



This is the latest application to come out of blur Labs in London, following the launch last year of blur Trading 2.0 and the enhanced social technology for the expert service provider communities to interface directly into blur Trading.


blur Trading is entirely cloud-based and scalable to millions of briefs, users and service providers. It provides the world’s leading project brief app, services pitching, bid and win, project management and collaboration, payments, ratings and reviews.


blur Group is changing business. Project Space is the first application to fully optimize online project collaboration as the driver of delivery. It makes delivery faster, more streamlined and more open: underlining what many businesses are now discovering – that s-commerce is the future of services procurement.


Every customer who briefs the Exchange has Project Space as part of their online trading account. So if you want to switch your services procurement to s-commerce and streamline your processes:


Brief the Exchange now!



One Response to “Project Space: another piece in the s-commerce process clicks in”

  1. Jeff Rose

    As a new shareholder to the company …and now further examining the company website I am impressed with Blur’s capability and its future opportunities.
    One thought for you to consider..could the concept of Blur’s cloud based trading platform not be re-packaged (white labelled) as a corporate service platform that can be integrated or be offered to Corporate organisations via their intranets to offer them the cost savings / benefits of Blur at just the click of a keypad…Licencing revenues could prove very lucrative for the organisation together with continuous / sustainable income streams that would help grow and further develop the business.


    Jeff Rose


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