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Our favourite 7 award winning ad campaigns from around the world – 2012

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7. Russia

This year Saatchi & Saatchi won a Silver Drum for their campaign to launch Paramount Comedy Channel in Moscow and St. Petersburg. (Golden Drum International Advertising Festival, 2012) Taking unconventional PR to a new heights, the campaign called Save April First carried out a practical joke around the idea that because 1st April was International Bird Day, April Fool’s should be banned by the Russian Government. We think it was the perfect campaign for their client.


6. China

We have a lot of respect for the integrated campaign for Volkswagen China, which won Proximity the title of ‘China’s Creative Agency of the Year’ by Campaign in December 2012. Called,  ‘The People’s Car Project it builds on the theme that instead of building cars for people, Volkswagen would begin building cars with the people. Utilising viral video, outdoor, guerrilla, mobile apps, events, social media, TV and other channels, we were inspired by the breadth and depth of this campaign.


5. South Africa

Ogilvy Cape Town picked up two awards in branded entertainment and mobile at the CLIO Event in 2012. Called ‘Carling Black Label: Be The Coach’ it centred around the 2011 Carling Black Label Cup, and gave fans the chance to use their mobile phones to vote by text for the line up in the match final, as well as make live substitutions on match-day. In seven weeks, 10.5 million votes were cast. Combined with excellent television commercials starring Ruud Gullit, online display advertising and the use of social media platforms, we think this campaign really understood the mind set of South African football (soccer) fans and deserves high praise.


4. Australia

Leo Burnett Australia won ‘Australian Agency of the Year’ at December’s Campaign Asia-Pacific Awards. They also won a Gold at the CLIO event for their campaign for Slurpee called, BYO Cup Day.’It’s an awesome idea and I personally wish I’d been in Australia on the day the public could bring any ‘cup’ of their choice to the store and fill it up with Slurpee. Australians loved the idea and filled Facebook with a myriad of ideas for containers. We liked the idea of filling a trumpet, a snorkel and a fish tank with Slurpee. Leo Burnett described the campaign as giving the public, ‘creative control over their drinking experience.’


3. Netherlands

Y&R Amsterdam were awarded a Gold at the CLIO event this year for their minute long online ad for LG called Smart Thief Caught on Cam‘ which has an excellent reveal at the end. It’s a very smart idea, and it definitely should have more You Tube views. We recommend taking 60 seconds to watch this piece of genius unfold.


2. Norway

In February 2012, Try Advertising and Apt from Oslo won the annual audience award for the best ad shown on Norwegian TV. The Television advertisement for DNB scooped the Goldfish prize voted for by viewers. Why do we love this ad? Well, it’s funny and clever – but most importantly it stars George Clooney. This is the second year that DNB and Try/Apt have won, and we can see why.


 1.    Italy

To be fair, the George Clooney ad would have won hands down had it not been for finding this little gem made by Italian advertising agency, Armando Testa. They produced this hilarious but slightly nauseating commercial for Vigorplant, an Italian brand of potting soil products. Named ‘A plants’ life is harder than it seems’it was awarded first prize for the best online TV ad at the Grand Prix Advertising Strategies Ceremony held in Milan in May 2012. Featuring many plants and one nudist, it’s hard to not keep watching. We love it, but don’t view it while eating!


We hope you enjoyed our choices for the top 7 ad campaigns of 2012. If you need an ad campaign for 2013, blur Group can help you get that delivered, no matter where you are in the world.


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