The Global Services Exchange and Efficient Roster Management

When managing a team, overseeing a variety of projects and service providers communication is key, something that can be boosted by the Global Services Exchange.

In any company, being able to provide solutions effectively to deadline counts for a lot. But when managing teams who are themselves managing multiple services, communications can become confused.

Why you need roster management

Because agency and service provider rosters grow organically over time – rather than being strategically aligned – it can be hard to understand exactly how everything fits together, especially when a new project requires the talents of more than one firm.

The Global Services Exchange’s collaborative online space allows you to bring whoever you need into the process – manage, review and request from whoever you’ve included, and drop collaborators in and out at a moment’s notice.

Where the Premium Account fits into roster management

In addition to the benefits of the basic account, blur also offers a Premium Account featuring:

  • Greater control of projects, by enabling the Administrator to assign different user roles, deactivate user accounts and oversee all briefs submitted and live projects within their company
  • Multi-user management of projects at any stage – from briefing to completion
  • Ability to reassign active projects to other users
  • Ability to organise users by creating groups and appointing group Coordinators to manage different divisions, projects and teams within a company
  • Access to our Services Pricing Data which helps customers budget more effectively for their next Exchange project

Nothing else on the market provides integrated multi-project management you can trust. It’s one of many reasons to use the Global Services Exchange.

To increase your productivity with the Premium Account simply start your project and upgrade your account once you’re underway.

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