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artist commissionsPeople have been commissioning artists for a thousand years. It is one of the earliest forms of trade.

Kings, Queens, Lords then industrialists, pioneers, even pirates took artists in and fed, housed and paid them to make great art. The artist commission is as old as time.

But, a system or channel for commissioning art has never been established. Almost every other form of trade has become formalized into retail, trade or barter networks and outlets. But not the art commission.

It is still an ad hoc, grey market. It may be worth billions of dollars a year, but it’s completely disorganized. If you happen to bump into an artist at a dinner party that sculpts how you like – bingo, you’ll commission him. Or not. There’s no marketplace for artists commissions. Buyers have little choice or price transparency. Artists have no route to market. Gallery’s are not geared up for it. Demand is undeveloped, supply patchy.

Well, its about to change. b-uncut the worlds leading network of emerging artists and a Web based art marketplace has just launched an online art commissioning system. b-uncut has over 1,500 artists, growing by 150 a month, from all geographies and every genre. So, art buyers and lovers can now use b-uncut’s artist commissioning system to efficiently order a commission.

Finally a marketplace can emerge for artist commissions. One where pricing is open, choice is abundant and the process of commissioning art is managed. Do you want to commission an artist?


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