Breaking Up is Hard to Do

At blur Group we’ve learnt a lot from marketing professionals about agency relationships.  We know that they’re as intrinsic to most marketers as their quarterly plan, their budgets and their brand’s reputation.

As a consequence, when companies are looking for marketing innovation,  the agency is deemed central to any success. Whereas other outsourcing efforts are carefully considered, planned and micro-managed, handing over a company’s marketing to an agency is an act of trust rather than detailed Ts and Cs.

This lack of scrutiny is fascinating. Think about any other functional head. How often can they exercise unilateral decision-making to spend externally without the involvement of an exec committee, board or CEO? Agency selection and retention sits, unquestioned, with the marketing team and only tends to get a second look when budgets are being reviewed and invoices paid.

This relative ease of selection and retention may be why no one has looked at alternatives to sourcing marketing and creative campaigns. Need a new company brand design? Call your agency. Don’t have one? Search for branding agencies and start the selection process. A selection process that will be from a shortlist of like-for-like agencies.

Until now. Finally, there is a new way for companies to get Creative. blur Group’s Creative Services Exchange puts buyers and sellers of creative campaigns together. Automating the transactions, providing the best prices for work from the Creatives and allowing marketing decision-makers to source creative campaigns as and when they’re required. Where the responsibility stays with the brand owner and the innovation comes from the delivery of the best fit for a requirement.

Most important of all, the elements of a campaign can now be traded as separate briefs. There’s no more disappointment that the e-shot was great, but the landing page didn’t quite sing. That the teaser campaign got everyone excited, only to groan when the ad aired. Divide it up and choose the best provider each time – integrate the project on its creative focus, not on reliance on one agency.  blur Group’s Creative Services Exchange has specialist markets for design, campaigns, artwork, media and innovation – you select where you want to buy knowing that the approach is always the same.

The Creative Services Exchange makes marketing more cost-effective for the business but also means that the creative provider is able to pitch for the full value of the work as set when the brief is traded: no more under-valued creatives. And pitch for work from anywhere in the world as the web technology underpinning the trading on the Exchange means transactions can be undertaken from anywhere.

It may be hard to say good-bye to your agency, but with the briefing stage completely risk- free and 9,500 people waiting for that brief and able to respond in half the time and for half the cost, you may just realise that it’s time to make the break. blur Group’s Creative Services Exchange is your marketing future.