blur Group Shows Accelerated Global Growth of S-Commerce

It’s been another week of smashing milestones here at blur Group. In the last year alone 1,500 projects have started, bringing the total to over 2,500 and the total value of these projects has increased to over $42m.

Recent projects on the Global Services Exchange have reflected the increasing demand for higher-value projects to be delivered using s-commerce. These have included a $500,000 design and technology project for developing an online community, a $750,000 marketing project for a property development group, and a $750,000 streaming video application for a media company. Larger enterprise customers include a major baby food manufacturer and a global healthcare company, further establishing the Exchange’s applicability for all sizes of business. With numbers like this it further demonstrates the viability of s-commerce as an avenue of potential where larger service providers can pitch for new business.

“It took us nearly four years to reach 1,000 projects.  The fact that we have now reached 2,500 less than a year later shows an ever increasing, global appetite for s-commerce”, said blur Group CEO Philip Letts. “We always knew that the business would become global very quickly. Our 30,000 service providers come from across 141 different countries, meaning that our customers have the opportunity to work with anyone across the globe and our rapidly growing affiliate program provides more scalable growth in new regions.”

Milestones reached:

  • 2,500 projects started on the Exchange. Just one year since blur announced we had passed 1,000 projects, the project counter has now passed 2,500 with a repeat project from one of blur’s US customers.

  • The total project value has now passed $42m. Currently total project value is $42,138,439 which means $21,892,212received in total project value in 2013.

  • Over 30,000 expert service providers, from 141 different countries.

  • blur Group’s partner program now has over 200 affiliates from 36 countries.

To get your project started on the Global Services Exchange and experience the benefits of s-commerce simply click the button below.

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