blur Group raises $2m – from angels.

You didn’t expect us to do things conventionally did you?

Today, blur Group announced a funding round of $2m as it continues to disrupt the media industry and develop a new business model for buying and selling creative and marketing services. 


At this stage, convention would suggest a heady mix of VCs to inject capital into the business. Let’s face it, the pros and cons of VC investment fill many column inches. Are they more adventurous in the US than Europe? Are they the right solution for your stage of business? 


Anyway rather than debate the issues, we followed the funding route that we thought most appropriate for our sort of high-growth, networked business. One where we were directly involved, where the investor was the connection that we sought to benefit the business, rather than rely on introductions from investors. An angel round, but on a fairly significant scale. In fact it’s one of the largest ever European angel funding rounds. 


In what we consider to be great news for both our customers and our creatives, we attracted interest from some of the biggest names in business. Archie Norman, the Chairman of ITV who was the CEO of Asda when acquired by Wal-Mart; Kevin Lomax, the founder of Misys and ex-director at retail giant M&S; Tim Schoonmaker the Chairman of intelligent content serving technology Grapeshot and former CEO of Odeon Cinemas.


We’re sure you’ll see how these personalities – just a snapshot from a very impressive list of high net worth individuals, business leaders and angel investors, reflect just how blur Group and the Creative Services Exchange is at the convergence of media, technology and the Internet. As a commenter on TechCrunch said – “ it’s the kind of business anyone would love to invest in and very scalable”.


Those names are just part of a roll call which also includes Richard Bourne-Arton,  Founder & Chairman TASC, Founder UK Hydro, Director Penna Plc, Co-founder Talisman; David Sola, MD Houlihan Lokey, Partner Arma Partners, MD Softbank Europe, MD UBS;  Bob Wigley, Chairman Yell Plc, Chairman Expansys Plc, Chairman Merrill Lynch Europe;  Rob Wirszycz, Chairman Portal, Director Clarity International, Chairman Celaton, Chairman Bluesource, Head of Marketing EDS UK, President Intellect.

And then add in some senior CMOs, CFOs from high-street name businesses and you’re bound to agree that the involvement of these angels is all part of driving the Creative Services Exchange forward, upwards and able to change the media world.


We hope you’ll enjoy our unique funding approach, one of the largest European investment rounds and relish being part of the successful, disruptive business that is blur Group and the Creative Services Exchange, whether as one of our creatives in our rapidly-growing community, or as one of our customers looking to tap into that amazing, global creative talent. 




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