b-uncut.com Launches International Artists’ Store

b-uncut_logo_whtb-uncut, the leading crowdsourcing platform for artists, today launched a revolutionary artists’ store. It takes the already popular concept of a museum shop to a whole new dimension by offering hundreds of popular consumer goods products such as clothing, housewares, gadgets, cards, posters and more each designed with original art from b-uncut’s crowd of emerging, international artists.

And whereas museum shops are offline and promote the Masters and big name artists, the b-uncut Store is on the Web and supports emerging artists.

Lovers of art and those seeking everyday products at everyday prices designed with original art know when they buy goods from the b-uncut Store that they are supporting emerging artists from around the world – a FAIRTRADE FOR ARTISTS. For every Pound, Euro or Dollar spent at the b-uncut Store around 20% goes direct to the artist. Visit the b-uncut Store today and support both emerging artists and tomorrow’s art.


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