5 social media marketing KPIs you cannot afford to ignore

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you to determine whether or not you are on the right track toward reaching your marketing goals. If you haven’t already, develop your SMART goals today. You must define success in order to attain it. Depending on your goals, there are a number of ways to monitor and track your social media progress.


Here’s a list of KPIs you cannot afford to ignore:

Followers/Fans/Subscribers/Likes: This is the easiest metric to determine your reach on any social network. Use landing pages to help increase Facebook “likes” and provide regular blog content to get subscribers. Keep in mind that Facebookers can subscribe to your public posts without liking your page. View this list of tips to increase your Twitter following.


Traffic: Services like Google Analytics and URL shorteners (bit.ly or goo.gl) will track the number of visits to your page and from where the traffic originated. Social media platforms like WordPress and Facebook have built-in analytical tools as well that monitors traffic. Increase traffic by gaining more followers/fans/subscribers/likes and ask them to share your content with their networks.


Interaction: You should be aware of the number of Facebook likes and shares, retweets, and blog comments your content receives, and it should be a key measure of the effect of your content marketing efforts. This metric shows what type of content your audience prefers most and what keywords get their attention. Engaging content will spur more conversations making your content more visible to a larger group of people. Give useful information, ask questions, hold giveaways, and conduct surveys that encourage engagement between users and your brand.


Conversions: You need to know how much of your social media activity ends in sales. Customizing landing pages that coincide with specific user activities will allow you to track conversions and purchases derived from social media. Also use keycodes in tweets and status updates that customers can enter during purchase to get a discount. This will not only encourage them to follow and share your content, but you can easily track sales.


Internal: You should blog, tweet, and update your Twitter status regularly. Be sure you monitor what is being said about your company/brand and reply to questions and/or comments from users. Remember: social media is focused on engagement and you must be willing to accept positive and negative feedback. Monitor social media networks and the web in general for comments about you and your brand and be available to solve customer service or product issues.


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