• project space

    Project Space 4.0 Launch – A Truly Positive Customer Experience

    Here at blur Group we are always looking at ways to help our customers succeed, so naturally engineering an amazing customer experience is one of our key drivers. Consider Amazon, the leader in e-commerce. They set the gold standard for the online purchasing experience, having dedicated fulfilment centres for product delivery and an engaging customer dashboard that enables its users…

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  • Don't imitate...innovate

    Beat the competition. The only way is s-commerce.

    Keeping up – with technology, with competitors, with anything in business or life – is a fool’s game. There is no advantage to keeping up, because all you’re doing is making yourself just like everyone else. You’re finding out who the best is and then you’re copying the best. But by the time you get as good as the best,…

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  • shutterstock_158445464

    Top 10 Most Disruptive Tech Innovations

    At blur Group we like to do things differently. Be disruptive. We thrive in the ever changing technology environment because it’s our natural habitat. We also love to celebrate the new, disruptive technologies that are challenging the norm.  So with that in mind, here are ten disruptive technological developments that are providing brain buoyancy in our office at the moment. 1.…

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  • s-commerce is on fire

    s-commerce is on fire! – Great New Partnerships

    blur Group announces exciting new partnerships in radically diverse industries, further demonstrating the continuing success of s-commerce in strategic business. The disruptive riddle London-based online digital print destination,, is an easy-to-use online store for print jobs of all sizes. Alternative Market Insurance Services in California is the leading wholesaler for Integrated workers' compensation programs. So, here’s the riddle: what…

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  • pressure no alternative

    Relieving Business Pressure – The only way is s-commerce

    When it comes to satisfying modern day demands, there’s only one way to release the pressure so your business can thrive. From the boardroom to the coalface, the stories are the same… Your business is under more pressure every day.  Budgets are getting smaller, market competition is tough and your deadlines are getting tighter. The buck stops with you and…

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  • ingredients for project briefs

    The Six Ingredients of a Successful Project Brief

    Defining project success seems simple on the surface — deliver on time and on budget. But are those really the success factors that are most important to your business? Isn't it more important that the project delivers tangible business results? To ensure a successful project, you need to take the time to communicate your business drivers to potential suppliers and…

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  • outsourcing it

    The Why and How of Choosing an IT Service Provider

    For a small, one-off project, or for more complex, ongoing managed services, buying technology services from dedicated specialist suppliers is becoming more and more popular with both big businesses and small companies. Why choose to buy your IT services? Despite the real benefits that choosing an external supplier can provide, it’s important to fully understand the reasons why your business may need…

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  • lead generation tour de france

    Is it time to start buying Lead Generation Services?

    When it comes to your B2B strategy, does the answer lie in buying services? Marketing and sales functions have significantly changed in the last decade. A sales person is classically perceived to be great at networking, meeting face to face, describing product benefits, slick on the phone, and good at closing the deal. Marketing professionals build their strategy around knowing…

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  • 10 signs crowd ready cto

    10 Signs That You’re a Crowd-Ready CTO

    Technology heads are recognising that crowdsourcing is a valuable alternative to their old outsourcing habits. Where once it was restricted to consumer feedback or fun idea stuff in the consumer world, crowdsourcing is now a recognized part of the technology vocabulary and it’s bringing real applications and business benefits to tech functions. Are you ready to embrace the IT Crowd…

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