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    10 ways to nurture your creativity

    In light of the fact that it was International Left-hander’s Day, and that I myself am one of the sinistral minority, so often associated with creativity and genius (well of course), here are 10 ways to nurture your very own creativity. If you truly consider yourself a creative've no alternative. 1. Make your time work for you. Wlliam Blake, visionary…

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  • selecting and shortlisting

    How To Short List Suppliers – Infographic

    How to take the risk out of a new supplier relationship Wouldn’t it be good if someone could present you with a short list of supplier proposals, all selected based on their value, quality and ability to meet your project brief.  What if you and your team could review these proposals online, all at the same time, regardless of location.…

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  • like a boss

    7 ways To Manage Your Boss… Like A Boss

    After all that hard work, you’ve got the job you’ve always wanted. Congratulations. We’ll give you 5 seconds to bask in the glory. Okay, now that’s out of the way, it’s time to face reality. You are not working for yourself. There’s a certain someone sitting not too far away that wields a great power and influence over your life.…

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  • How to get your project started – Infographic

    Are we so set in our ways that we can’t see how restrictive and time consuming the process is? Take finding a supplier to deliver a project, perhaps it’s something different, something your existing suppliers can’t handle.  Where do you start? Joe and Mike have the same problem. But while Joe spends weeks of valuable time in the pursuit of…

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  • newbie bagage

    7 Rules For Success In Your New Job

    Congratulations, you’ve landed the promotion. Now you need to make your mark. In any role, the first 100 days  are fraught with anxiety.  What are the expectations, have I made the right choice, will I fit the culture, do I have what it takes to do the job? So much is par for the course with a new job.  But…

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  • brand equity

    How To Build Brand Equity

    There seems to be more definitions of brand equity than there are brands.  But once you strip out the big marketing words - brand equity is simple.  It’s how your customers feel about your business.  The more your customers like your product or service, the greater your brand equity. There are many factors that go into building brand equity and…

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    Need to Forget About Work This Vacation? The Only Way is s-commerce

    With increasing pressures on businesses, many employees find themselves tied more and more to their work. Whether it’s through checking email, monitoring social media, or online project collaboration, this vocation/vacation bleed is preventing millions of employees from finding the quiet space they need to truly relax and recharge. This means that people are either cancelling their vacations, (Americans currently throw…

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  • project space

    Project Space 4.0 Launch – A Truly Positive Customer Experience

    Here at blur Group we are always looking at ways to help our customers succeed, so naturally engineering an amazing customer experience is one of our key drivers. Consider Amazon, the leader in e-commerce. They set the gold standard for the online purchasing experience, having dedicated fulfilment centres for product delivery and an engaging customer dashboard that enables its users…

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