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  • Is your business prepared for Black Friday

    Is Your Business Prepared for Black Friday?

    This week, Black Friday will herald the start of the Christmas shopping rush. British shoppers alone are forecasted to spend up to £2bn ($3.02bn) during a 24-hour period. Is your organization prepared?  Where it was once solely Boxing Day sales that saw high-street stores battling it out for supremacy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken the retail and e-commerce…

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  • Why blur blog feature

    blur’s Enterprise Services Platform: How Does It Work?

    The traditional process for procuring and purchasing business services leaves room for inefficiency and has the potential to create unnecessary waste. blur’s Platform is the next generation of spend and supplier management, eradicating this waste and inefficiency from your procurement process. Today’s ever-changing economy demands efficient, waste-free processes across all of your enterprise’s functions, to allow it to address future…

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  • 10 Things November 2015

    10 Things You Wish You Knew on Monday

    It’s our favourite time of the week, and we’re sure it’s yours too. In this week’s ‘10 Things’ blog, expect everything from chaos caused by Windows 3.1 (circa 1992) to an entire country losing internet connectivity. So, here goes... Energy consumption measurements go digital In a bid to combat the ever-increasing threat of global warming (and save money) the UK…

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  • IT & Tech Procurement Models

    IT & Tech Services Procurement: Which Is the Most Effective Model?

    Despite being deeply immersed in the Digital Age, some enterprise IT and technology teams are still being held back by their organization’s procurement process. Many opt for a centralized approach: IT teams identify what services are needed from external suppliers and, in turn, they instruct a procurement team to source a Service Provider and negotiate terms. It sounds simple, right?…

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  • New 10 things

    10 things you wish you knew last week

    It’s Friday again, and the weekend wind-down is on the horizon. To get you set for the weekend, why not dabble in a little light reading about the best bits from last week? Expect stats, facts... and a record-breaking, skateboarding pooch. Leveraging Big Data brings BIG ROI According to Mckinsey, companies that utilize their data effectively can increase ROI by…

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  • Ecommerce New New

    Is your enterprise harnessing the full power of eCommerce?

    With a plethora of easily-accessible online marketplaces available to your business, finding what you want, at a price you want to pay, has never been so easy. eCommerce is more often than not associated with the consumer market: the likes of eBay and Amazon provide platforms for consumers to go shopping without dropping, and have products delivered to their door…

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  • 10 things blog 6 November

    10 things you wish you knew on Monday

    It’s Friday already (again?), which can mean only one thing: it’s time to sit back, grab a coffee and have a read of our weekly ‘Top 10’ blog. Time for a business makeover Did you know that 60% of business leaders have completed a corporate redesign in the past two years? Shockingly, 44% of them never actually completed it, while…

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  • 10 things you wish you knew on Monday 30th October

    10 things you wish you knew on Monday…

    It’s our favourite time of the week again. Get comfy, grab a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to reflect on the some of the best things we learned this week... Bill Gates is psychic. No, really. A Finnish business student who wrote a blog on Mr. Gates’ book, Business @ The Speed of Thought, has discovered that the…

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