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    10 years of YouTube

    Since the advent of Youtube and the spread of video, there's amazing potential for humankind to elevate our collective consciousness by sharing knowledge in a way never seen before. Spiritual inspirers such as Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Alan Watts, truth seekers, teachers, artists and activists have videos freely available that can enlighten and enrich the lives of those willing to…

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    Is ageism outdated?

    I know a real high-flyer in London’s City who was recently made redundant. He'd just turned 60. The chances are that the timing was a fluke but what if it was more than that? What if age discrimination is still rearing its ugly head? In recent weeks, blur has discussed the impact of longevity on employers. We found that while there…

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    The first 30 days of a CEO

    After a series of high profile disasters at UK supermarket chain Tesco last year, which ultimately lead to the appointment of a new CEO, even a veteran like Dave Lewis with all his Unilever experience must have wished for a manual at times. Whether you’re a new CEO to the rescue or a veteran in your role it’s pretty unusual…

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    The full stack start-up

    A term we’ve been hearing a lot in technology business circles recently is full stack start-up. But what is it and how is it changing the business game? What is a full stack start-up? It essentially means a company that has its core capability in technology, yet employs multiple capabilities outside of its core traditional focus to control the entire…

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    IBM & the cloud

    The saying used to go “no-one ever got fired for choosing IBM”. Well, in light of more recent (and likely imminent) events, can that maxim hold any weight - particularly with their own employees? And does the answer lie in the cloud? What it basically comes down to is that IBM is struggling in the current, increasingly cloudy technology landscape.…

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    5 dumb uses of modern technology

    Hello there. You look like you’re probably wondering if there’s a list somewhere of 5 randomly odd/annoying/depressing/hilarious uses of technology that you could read about at your leisure while you snack on your vacuum packed crudités or gluten-free energy bar. Well, it turns out you’re in luck. Read on, and keep breathing the free air... 5. Lenovo Vibe Xtension - The Selfie…

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    Obama, hacking and your data security

    Recently, US President Barack Obama voiced his thoughts on the threats of hacking and cyber security. This was aimed at encouraging organizations and businesses to share more knowledge and intelligence about hacking and data security threats with public authorities and within industry. Obama signed the order at a conference at the White House as well as at a consumer protection…

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  • Corporate incubators – accelerating innovation?

    Corporate incubators – accelerating innovation?

    The Accelerated Age of Incubation According to, we have entered the “4th Era of Innovation where the scale of a big company can unleash innovation rather than shackle it”. Through numerous business incubators, accelerators, and ‘Tech Cities’ across the globe, smaller, more agile and innovative startups are looking more and more towards the resource, guidance, contacts and stability of…

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