• An introduction to ten Size zero pillars

    An Introduction to the ten Size Zero Pillars

    The global recession that took hold in 2008 and continues to cultivate an uncertain economic climate has led organizations to think smarter, slim down and get leaner.   This seismic shift in attitude among businesses wanting to shape up for the new economy by improving efficiency, reducing waste and harnessing the power of technology is what we call the journey…

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  • how blur can help you get great customer reviews

    5 ways blur can help you get great customer reviews

    From Facebook to Twitter, social media might have revolutionized modern marketing, but it’s also opened the floodgates to transparency when it comes to brand honesty, quality and customer service.   In no area is this more evident than the cult of the online review.  From Tripadvisor to TrustPilot nothing is more honest, a better recommendation, or a more visceral cut…

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  • how to sell professional services

    How to sell Professional Services

    The blur Marketplace is not just for businesses looking for a cost effective and efficient solution to outsourcing and project management.     For professionals with services to sell it’s changing the world of work forever, revolutionizing both the freelance process and the way brands and individuals pitch for projects. Believing that the future of employment lies in the worlds…

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  • blur group reviews the journey to success

    blur Group reviews: The road to customer success

    With almost 60,000 Service Providers, and total project value of upwards of $400 million, we’re proud to say that we’re helping many organizations to do business better…   Well, if the fantastic reviews we’re gathering on independent review site Trustpilot are anything to go by. One such appraisal details the efficiency of the process from start to finish, and offered…

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  • outsourcing professional services

    Outsourcing Professional Services: 5 Tips

    Globalization, digitization and increasing pressures to reduce costs for greater efficiency have all given rise to the process of outsourcing Professional Services. Legal, Accounting, Tax Preparation and Management Consulting services are increasingly among the most outsourced business services across the board. Even if your business hasn’t outsourced Professional Services just yet, the chances are it will at some stage in…

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  • future of professional services procurement

    The future of professional services procurement and provision

    The business of procurement continues to evolve, providing enterprise leaders with disruptive, smart solutions such as strategic outsourcing, that enable them to deliver a comprehensive customer satisfaction experience. Leading your enterprise to success requires an effective CPO; someone who is aware of the current challenges inherent to the role and able to overcome the traditional biases by recognizing innovative opportunities…

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  • The 2020 customer how to succeed

    How to succeed with The 2020 Customer

    The customer is changing. A consumer ten years ago would struggle to recognise today’s non-stop, high speed, connected market. In another five, predictions suggest we will see another customer evolution, and they will expect even more from commerce. As the world of business moulds itself to accommodate new trends, so too do consumers. It’s a relationship that’s becoming ever more…

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  • Maintain Control (FEATURE)

    Avoiding supplier disasters by maintaining control

    As far as headlines go, “Suppliers use children to dig in lethally dangerous mud pits for tin ore” is not one you want associated with your brand. Despite the old adage, not all publicity is good publicity. Unfortunately, any damage inflicted by your suppliers will reflect negatively on your company and brand, so choose wisely when seeking the right supplier…

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