• Getting smart as a Size Zero Enterprise

    Getting smart as a Size Zero Enterprise

    There’s a maxim deeply embedded into our Size Zero philosophy: ‘Statistically speaking, the bigger your company gets, the more average it becomes.’ Combatting this inevitable eventuality means working harder, more efficiently, and above all, smarter. Pushing above and beyond the frontiers of the fast evolving business world cannot be accomplished without a thorough understanding of how value is best created…

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  • organizational change

    How to bring about organizational change to manage your ecosystem

    Orchestrating organizational change is one of the most, if not the most, difficult challenges business leaders will face during their careers. Why?   In business, there is an innate fear of change and, when organizational change is anticipated or announced, negative connotations are often attached by those directly affected. Suspicions can be aroused because, if it ‘aint broke, no need…

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  • managing from the middle

    Why managing from the middle brings out the best in your staff

    With technology and ideas constantly evolving at such a rapid pace finding a management style that can keep up has always been a serious challenge for enterprise organizations. But a solution could finally be here.   Breaking down the traditional hierarchical business model and shifting the relationship between management and workers is key to understanding, running and succeeding in today’s…

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  • Re-drawing your organization chart: It's time for a change

    Letts Talk: Redrawing your organization chart – It’s time for change

    “It’s time for a change”: That’s the message blur Group founder and CEO, Philip Letts, has for today’s business leaders that are still utilizing the archaic, traditional organizational chart.   In this instalment of Letts Talk, Philip talks about a new way of looking at the traditional organizational chart - a format that has been used by businesses for over…

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  • Google and online video

    blur Customer Hitfilm releases FREE High Quality Post Production software!

    Every video needs editing… even that one you put on Facebook, and with the release of Hitfilm 3 Express - Hitfilm’s new, absolutely free video editing software, everyone can have access to industry-quality editing and visual effects in their own home.   Being one of blur’s valued customers, we’re proud and excited about this new innovation from Hitfilm. In fact,…

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  • blurdata-device-macbook

    blur Data: The new intelligence tool for the agile enterprise

    Imagine having immediate access to trending technologies and global, up-to-date industry statistics to inform your upcoming budget projections and strategies. Well, thanks to blur, this is now a reality.   This is blur Data.   Not content with introducing Service Provider Plans for blur Service Providers as well as Enterprise Buyer Plans and Premium Services for blur Customers already this…

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  • ecosystem management competitive advantage

    Can the rise of the ecosystem bring new competitive advantage?

    Before the early ‘90s, an ‘ecosystem’ was more botany than business, and Ecosystem Management was more John Muir than John D. Rockefeller. That was until Harvard-educated business strategist John F. Moore pioneered the “business ecosystem” concept that combined ecological and economical approaches into a holistic grand design. Now, more than two decades later, Moore’s “business ecosystem” moniker is the business…

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  • does your business need a digital health check

    Does your business need a digital health check?

    Digitally-driven business processes are now a mandatory success factor for any large enterprise, and technology is the crutch that supports them. From hardware like desktop computers, to software like Microsoft Office and cloud-based solutions like Google Docs and Gmail, enterprise digitization is highly-dependent on technology. But, just because your business has implemented digitally-driven processes, and utilizes a multitude of technology…

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