• blur answer to outsourcing risks

    blur is the answer to Gartner’s outsourcing risks

    Gartner’s article on the risks of outsourcing has given us the perfect opportunity to highlight how blur’s Marketplace alleviates the common issues outsourcing can create. Despite Gartner’s recent prediction of the worldwide IT services market being likely to exceed $980 billion in 2015, and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) contributing to more than half of that market growth, their recent article…

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  • Who will be the next Apple

    Who will be the next Apple?

    Apple’s revenue is bigger than the GDP of some small countries.  As far as businesses go, it’s a marvel.  Most businesses would love to be the next Apple. If only we had all known at the start, we would have invested.  But what makes Apple unique, and which brands are showing signs of heading for the same meteoric heights? Although…

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  • Profile: Philip Letts, CEO, blur Group | European CEO

    Cost effectiveness in enterprise

    In this video (Philip Letts Founder and CEO of blur) talks about the challenges for enterprises in the ‘new age’ of efficiencies, cuts, and cost savings which while optimizing business processes need to do so without affecting performance. The blur response to cost-effectiveness in enterprise is through its ‘size zero’ project - the application of 10 key efficiency principles that…

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  • HR solutions and Size Zero

    Human Resource Solutions and Size Zero

    Paperwork, paperwork and - you guessed it - more paperwork. There was a time when Human Resources departments relied heavily on mass organisation and unfaltering communication to stay on track and remain nine to five (not so easy if locating a missed spelling mistake leaves you playing catch-up). But gone are the long, drawn-out days of benefits forms, health policies…

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  • Innovative sourcing strategy

    How innovative is your supplier sourcing strategy?

    The mind boggles to think what we would do without the Internet. But for all the abundance of knowledge it gives us, there’s also a lot of irrelevant information to wade through, not least of all when it comes to finding a suitable supplier. This makes creating an online supplier sourcing strategy a specialist skill. Discover a better way of…

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  • Traditional-sourcing-vs-Outsourcing

    Top 7 reasons to buy services online

    Some of the biggest enterprises around the globe are increasingly embracing external, online suppliers. The outcome is faster, more cost-effective and accelerated growth. Not being tied into ‘old world’ practices, long contracts, or needing to employ FTEs is often the secret to their success. Here, we usually blog about other businesses, the technological achievements of others, what’s trending and other…

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  • Ellen Pao case Silicon Valley

    Ellen Pao case casts a shadow over Silicon Valley

    Over the past few weeks, the Ellen Pao court case has transfixed the tech trade, and it’s easy to see why. Pao filed her lawsuit in 2012 after being fired by her former employers - venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) - for allegedly speaking out about the treatment of women by the firm. Although her claims…

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