• contextualization vs personalization

    Personalization vs. contextualization: getting it right

    You have the data to create a customized experience for your target audience, but what’s your strategy to present it: should you stop at personalized or create an effective contextual experience?   Today’s online experiences must be unique to effectively engage with your target audience, and this can be accomplished by leveraging a variety of marketing skills.   Find a…

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  • dangers of legacy technology to innovation

    The Dangers of Legacy Technology to Innovation

    When we generally talk about ‘legacy’, we often immediately attach positive connotations; our favourite sports team’s past successes, that treehouse that our grandfather built or Martin Luther King Jr.’s contribution to racial equality. But, when we talk about legacy technology as a collective term in business, the connotations are anything but positive.   Legacy technology refers to out-of-date technology and…

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  • global leadership ecosystem management

    Global leadership reframed: Smarter ecosystem management

    One of the biggest concerns facing today’s enterprises is the ability of their executives to effectively lead across countries and cultures. Incorporating an attitude of Zero Baggage is the answer. The next generation of successful leaders are setting up their enterprises on an ecosystem model: different components working holistically towards a shared goal. To meet the demands of your future…

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  • how much should your business budget for marketing

    How much should your business budget for marketing?

    Before too long, it’ll be that time again to get your number-crunching hat on and tackle your marketing budget. You’ve been allocated a six or nine-figure sum to spend on annual marketing activities. But, is it enough? Will it ever be enough? Luckily, you’ve still got a few months of respite before the stress, the headaches and the balancing act begins.…

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  • guide to multi channel attibution models

    A Guide To Multi-Channel Attribution Models

    As the digital landscape is changing and digital marketing space is increasing, understanding how marketing channels contribute to purchasing on your website is a critical aspect that every market leader should be aware of.   Need a world class multi-channel marketing strategy?   What is an Attribution Model? An attribution model determines the value of every or some of the…

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  • essential technology skills for customer success

    Essential Technology Skills for Customer Success

    According to Forrester, we’re currently observing the ‘Age of the Customer’: an age where technology has placed the power into customer’s hands, essentially enabling them to call the shots in their relationship with your business. In this relationship, customers aren’t just wearing the pants, they’re wearing the shirt, socks, shoes...the entire outfit. Take social media, for example: Pretty much non…

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  • looking to outsource your accounting

    Looking to outsource your accounting?

    The right accountant will save you more than just money - and the best way to find them is outsourcing.   If you’re looking to source the perfect accountancy skills for your business externally, there are a few things to consider first:   Superior accounting services at a fraction of the cost   What’s your approach? Sourcing an accountant who’s…

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  • PR Strategy Feature

    What makes a successful PR strategy?

    Joseph Pulitzer once stated: ‘Publicity, publicity, publicity is the greatest moral factor and force in our public life.’ Back in Pulitzer’s days, however, gaining a high profile through strategic PR activity didn’t provide the diverse range of opportunities it does today. A once detached and singular art form, traction in the PR industry has since proliferated, thanks to the digital…

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