• how to sell professional services

    How to sell Professional Services

    The blur Marketplace is not just for businesses looking for a cost effective and efficient solution to outsourcing and project management.     For professionals with services to sell it’s changing the world of work forever, revolutionizing both the freelance process and the way brands and individuals pitch for projects. Believing that the future of employment lies in the worlds…

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  • supply chain circular economy rethinking

    No Time to Waste: Rethinking your Supply Chain for the Circular Economy

    We say “circular economy”, you say... “sustainability”? Probably, because the general consensus is that the circular economy is all about sustainability, waste reduction and saving the planet. In reality, there’s so much more to it than just striving for sustainability.   Of course, sustainability is the main recurring theme that runs through the circular economy concept. But those championing a…

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  • mobile optimization checklist

    blur’s Mobile Optimization checklist

    Mobile search is bigger than ever.Google recently announced that more searches are made on a mobile devices than desktops in over 10 countries, including the US and Japan. This comes after Google added to their already cryptic SEO algorithm causing websites to rank lower should their site not be mobile-friendly. If you want to remain competitive then mobile optimization is…

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  • pinterest marketing really 5 reasons why

    Pinterest Marketing! Really? 5 reasons why.

    We’ve been reporting on the opportunities within Pinterest since its very early days, but is it still a viable marketing tool for today’s enterprise? In a word, yes!   Capturing the attention of your target market has always been a challenge, and for today’s multi-screen generation, getting those clicks and conversions requires that your team be flexible, current, and willing…

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  • blur group reviews the journey to success

    blur Group reviews: The road to customer success

    With almost 60,000 Service Providers, and total project value of upwards of $400 million, we’re proud to say that we’re helping many organizations to do business better…   Well, if the fantastic reviews we’re gathering on independent review site Trustpilot are anything to go by. One such appraisal details the efficiency of the process from start to finish, and offered…

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  • taylor swift twitter google and your SEO

    Taylor Swift, Twitter, Google and your SEO

    As of yesterday, US mobile users conducting a Google search for information on a particular topic will be greeted with relevant Tweets in their search results.   Twitter announced the new partnership via its public blog yesterday, with words from Jana Messerschmidt, VP of Global Business Development & Platform. At present, the deal will only affect searches made in English…

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  • outsourcing professional services

    Outsourcing Professional Services: 5 Tips

    Globalization, digitization and increasing pressures to reduce costs for greater efficiency have all given rise to the process of outsourcing Professional Services. Legal, Accounting, Tax Preparation and Management Consulting services are increasingly among the most outsourced business services across the board. Even if your business hasn’t outsourced Professional Services just yet, the chances are it will at some stage in…

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  • 75 years of mcdonalds marketing

    75 Years of McDonald’s Marketing Hits & Misses

    McDonald’s - the most recognised fast food brand in the world - turns 75 this year. Over the years, they've attempted to whet our appetites with a myriad of marketing activities. Some have hit the spot, others have missed the mark.   We’ve previously looked at the secret to McDonald’s global branding success, and how the company has grown from its…

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  • hello twitter it's barack really

    “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really!”

    In an entertaining show of mediocrity and light-hearted banter, Barack Obama made his entrance into the Twitterverse yesterday morning, finally joining the rest of humanity on the world’s second most popular social media site.   It took only a few hours for @POTUS (President of the United States) to reach one million followers - already more than his UK counterpart…

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