• How much is the White House

    How much is the White House?

    Elections have never really been won on values, justice, political skill and ideas alone. In fact, it’s arguable that these are mostly the glossy sheen on the colder realities of political campaigning, since you never get to put those things to the masses without a serious amount of money being thrown at media and PR campaigns, team and staff salaries,…

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  • Digital Marketing budget wasted

    Why over 50% of your Digital Marketing budget may be wasted

    The world of visual advertising has gone through a seismic shift over the last 30 years, accelerating its transition towards digital over the past decade or so with online video platforms like YouTube. Analog adverts on TV were once considered ample advertising for a large target audience. More than that, TV ads were once the only mechanism for targeting stakeholders en…

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  • Cloudphobia

    Does your business have cloud phobia?

    The Internet is a success; I think that much is pretty clear. We all use it; frankly most of us in the West don’t know how to get through 30 seconds without it. And the cloud is being embraced by businesses around the world. And yet, some of the changes that it continues to bring to the way we live…

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  • Dollar notes (equal pay)

    Equal Pay Day champions change for women worldwide

    ‘What are women worth?’ was the challenge put forward by artists at the ‘Less Than 100’ pop-up project in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, with the aim of bringing women’s on-going battle for equal pay to a worldwide audience. The project coincided with Equal Pay Day.     #EqualPayDay began trending worldwide on social media and shops lowered their prices for women,…

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  • Cybersecurity

    Why it’s time to act on your Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity measures are your first line of defence when it comes to protecting the integrity of sensitive data, and recent statistics from security & storage software specialists, Symantec Corporation, is certain to make you think twice about how secure your data actually is. We use the word ‘your’ loosely because the chances are that, depending on the nature of your…

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  • The Power of Positive Reviews

    The power of positive reviews – why are they important?

    According to ecommerce review experts Trustpilot, online reviews can increase business revenues by up to 40%. This is the age of the informed buyer, and the power of positive reviews simply cannot be denied.   Need to iron out the problem areas of your business? blur's Service Providers have it covered   It’s not just limited to restaurants, hotels and…

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  • PwC Sharing Economy set to snowball

    PwC predicts: ‘Sharing Economy Set to Snowball’

    A new report on the ‘Sharing Economy’ by blur Service Provider, PwC, suggests that the five main sharing economy sectors will generate $335bn by 2025. The report also suggests that almost half of US respondents said they were familiar with the Sharing Economy, with affordability and convenience amongst the top lures for enterprise  leaders. Almost half of those surveyed (43%)…

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  • What your email marketing metrics really mean

    What do email marketing metrics really mean?

    Email marketing is widely used across all types of businesses and is a great tool for driving sales. Assessing your audience’s engagement through marketing metrics can help determine where they fit into your customer journey.   Increase sales with top quality email marketing from blur’s Service Providers   Here are the key email marketing metrics you should be keeping an…

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