• Creativity not conformity

    Creativity Not Conformity In Your Employees: Essential For Your Business to Join The Big League

    Wherever it comes from, creativity is a competitive advantage. Enable your employees to be creative so that they can take your business to the next level through creatively imagined innovation. Conformity stifles creativity Have you found that as your business grows and as processes are put into place, that despite all your efforts, a hierarchy starts to build?  This can…

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  • Design blog

    Are You Paying Too Much For Your Design Project?

    Budget setting for design projects is always a challenge, even more so when its a one off project such as website design where you don’t have past experience to base decisions on. Obtaining a selection of design quotes is equally challenging, as design agencies will often ask what budget you have set aside and then happily spend that budget on…

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  • shutterstock_210586675

    10 ways to nurture your creativity

    In light of the fact that it was International Left-hander’s Day, and that I myself am one of the sinistral minority, so often associated with creativity and genius (well of course), here are 10 ways to nurture your very own creativity. If you truly consider yourself a creative've no alternative. 1. Make your time work for you. Wlliam Blake, visionary…

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  • content pricing guide

    How Much Should You Budget For Your Content?

    Content marketing is still a red-hot buzzword in the world of digital marketing and probably the toughest budget to set.  Where do you start? Say you need a new landing page for your website.  You go out to a couple of marketing agencies or copywriters, and they’ll quote you anything from $1,500-$25,000 per page of content.   With quotes varying this…

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  • Technology pricing guide

    What Should You Be Paying For Your IT Services?

    Organizations frequently struggle with project management, and tech initiatives are no exception. A recent article from CIO Insight  states that 45 percent of large IT projects go over budget, while delivering 56 percent less value than promised. Meanwhile, three-quarters of project participants lack confidence that their efforts will succeed. If you’re in charge of an IT project, be it a…

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  • Marketing pricing guide

    Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marketing?

    It’s hard to set the marketing budget each year.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.  To complicate matters when you approach an agency they often ask what budget you have for a particular project, and then happily spend every last cent! If only you could know what other businesses in your industry are paying for their marketing projects, setting your budgets…

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  • selecting and shortlisting

    How To Short List Suppliers – Infographic

    How to take the risk out of a new supplier relationship Wouldn’t it be good if someone could present you with a short list of supplier proposals, all selected based on their value, quality and ability to meet your project brief.  What if you and your team could review these proposals online, all at the same time, regardless of location.…

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  • like a boss

    7 ways To Manage Your Boss… Like A Boss

    After all that hard work, you’ve got the job you’ve always wanted. Congratulations. We’ll give you 5 seconds to bask in the glory. Okay, now that’s out of the way, it’s time to face reality. You are not working for yourself. There’s a certain someone sitting not too far away that wields a great power and influence over your life.…

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