• Funny nerd scientist soldering at vintage technological laboratory

    Getting Started With Digital Marketing Analytics

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! How can you make sure you're making the most out of your marketing analytics? The internet has diversified a marketer’s role and introduced a range of new challenges and client requirements. One of the most common is the need to be able to work with data and turn it into meaningful, tangible feedback…

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  • Dancers in a row

    SEO: Be More Effective With These Seven Tips

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! Optimizing your online presence so that you feature high in search engine results means that all your money and effort spent on  building your product, service and company will be seen and appreciated. And once you're on the top, success breeds success. Generally if you have good quality content it should automatically lead to…

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  • Outsource your project

    How To Outsource Your Project

    How to outsource your project is a question that is becoming more frequently asked within the business community. Here we give you the answer you've been looking for. It is hardly a new question as businesses and organisations have always sought to resolve their problems by looking for a person or another company that has the answer they need at…

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  • Finding remarketing companies

    How To Find the Best Remarketing Companies

    Get yourself ready for Cyber Monday now! Remarketing is a new technique within paid digital advertising. But before you look to find the best remarketing companies it is important to understand what remarketing is. Basically, it works like this: When someone visits your site they are are clearly interested in what you do - even if they don’t buy anything…

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  • Online Collaboration

    Top 7 Online Collaboration Tools

    Come together, right the cloud. Tired of having to wade through dozens of emails, searching in your spam folder for important documents, missing important project updates or wasting time getting confused by conflicting proprietary software? Then clearly you need a great online, cloud-based collaboration tool. There are a lot to choose from, each of them performing a similar task…

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  • Top 6 Parody Videos

    blur’s Top 6 Parody Videos

    At blur Group we love it when intelligence and creativity come together. Even more so when some healthy humour is added to the mix! Building on the success of video projects briefed on blur, we recently introduced a new video category to our platform. In light of this, and to improve your Monday mood we've come up with a top 6…

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  • Sharing Economy

    #blurChat: The Sharing Economy: Do You Trust Enough To Share?

    Trust is built. Trust is earned. That’s what they say. That’s what we believe. We also believe that building trust requires honesty, integrity, and transparency. It requires working together and being mature enough to accept criticism, apply it where necessary and learn. Together. Trust is not about enforcement. Or purchase. We view being trustworthy as a pretty powerful and critical…

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  • How to write the perfect online brief

    10 Ways To Write The Perfect Brief – Online

    Now is the time to move your business towards buying services online. So we're here to help you create the perfect brief to make the most of the huge opportunity it provides. Think of it in this way: You buy everything else online, so why not business services? The benefits of cost saving, greater choice and faster delivery are ready…

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