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    Spooky blog #4 – Abnormal Apps

    We live in a world where there are currently around 3 million downloadable smartphone applications, (or ‘apps’ to every human being alive). These range from life-enhancing, intelligent software innovations that work symbiotically with your lifestyle, bringing efficiencies, joy, and an overall sense of ones that make you lick your phone. While we gently process that information at a speed…

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    Are you killing your brand?

    As you’ve doubtless seen from our daily Halloween blogs, some businesses start with great intentions but lose focus over time due to business pressure, management changes or a failure to really understand the value of a strong brand.   Brand is often mistaken for visual identity but in reality it’s much wider than that; in essence, brand is a corporate…

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    Spooky Blog #3 – Devilishly Bad Design Decisions!

    Good Wednesday! Today’s Halloween blog focuses on those moments when designers delivered a doozy of devilish disaster. When logos and lobotomies were running hand in hand. When creativity ran away from common sense, leaving it crying alone in the dark. When marketing malaise crashed headlong into….ok, you get the idea. Bad design decisions. So, enjoy this little listicle if you…

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    Spooky Blog #2 – 5 Products That Were Doomed to Die

    Hallo again Halloween fans. Here’s another little list to keep you entertained as you contemplate all things fantastically fanged and topically terrifying. This time it’s a line up of Products That Were Doomed To Die. Enjoy. (Insert Evil Laugh here) 5. Colgate Kitchen Entrees Oh yes. That’s right. When I think of a delicious, nutritious hot meal after a hard…

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    Spooky Blog #1: When Marketing Goes Bad.

    It’s that time of year again, where creatures of the night come alive to celebrate all that is creepy, spooky, and deliciously dark. Where we’re reminded that things really do go bump in the night, that pumpkins can be sexy (!?), and that evil exists in many forms. In league with all things dastardly, and in honour of this most…

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  • The Big Click: A Brief History of User Experience

    Tim Berners-Lee was the first one to combine Internet communication with hypertext. He published what is considered to be the first website on August 1991. The goal that Tim had in mind was noble – to improve the way people worked. He definitely succeeded in that, not knowing yet how it was going to change the future of humanity. The…

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    Shopping at blur? 5 Services To Put in Your Shopping Cart Today

    The landscape of buying business services has changed. B2B buyers are becoming more savvy, more demanding, more independent, and more aware of the benefits that buying business services online provides. With more and more B2B buyers acting independently of procurement departments when they see a great deal that will bring real benefit to their business, it’s time that the procurement…

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    How to Buy SEO Services Online and Get What You Need

    SEO is an ever changing beast. With all of the Penguins, Pandas, Pigeons and Hummingbirds flying, running and jumping around these days, it’s easy to see why choosing the right SEO partner can be a real nightmare. SEO is still a mysterious and magical activity for many marketers, but not knowing your nofollow from your micro-formats does not have to…

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