• crowdfunding

    #blurChat: What Can Digital Marketing Do For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

    September is crowdsourcing and crowdfunding month here at blur Group and on Friday 5th September we hosted our first Twitter #blurChat on the subject. blurChat gives anyone involved in crowdfunding or crowdsourcing - either directly or indirectly - the opportunity to share their views on how it drives, or hinders, their personal & professional development. On Friday 12th September at…

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  • content mistakes

    The Biggest Mistake In Content Marketing

    Content marketing is about actively creating and distributing media that's intended to lead consumers toward some predefined goal. Unfortunately, that basic concept is lost on many content marketers. They fail to make distinctions among the four content types, the result is a confused mess, and content consumers take no action at all. So how do you avoid the biggest mistake…

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  • chat blurchat

    “Crowdsourcing Unleashes The Forces Of Creative Destruction”… According To Some.

    You, on the other hand, may not agree. That’s why September is crowdsourcing and crowdfunding month at blur - and today, we launch the first of several Twitter #blurChat which gives the opportunity to anyone involved in crowdfunding (whether directly, or indirectly) to share their views on how crowdfunding drives, or hinders, their personal and professional development. This afternoon, we…

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  • coca cola branding

    Brand Equity & Coca-Cola – Is it the Real Thing?

    A little scenario for you. You’re doing a bit of shopping. Let’s say you’re on the hunt for a necklace for that special loved one. You look in  the window, and see two necklaces. Both are beautiful, sparkling and bedecked with sumptuous jewels that make your soul sing. One is a Tiffany. The other is an unknown. The Tiffany is…

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  • Innovate To Differentiate

    “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” - Steve Jobs Earlier this week I was catching up on a AMC drama ‘Halt and Catch Fire’, whilst being fictitious it gives an interesting perspective on the real explosion of Personal Computers (PCs) in the 1980s.  Watching it really got me thinking about the ‘golden age’ of innovation in this market and…

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  • cloud reasons

    9 Reasons To Move To The Cloud.

    With recent price cuts on cloud computing services from the three big cloud hitters, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, perhaps it’s time you starting looking to the sky for your IT services. What do we mean by the Cloud? What is it, and why should you move up there? Cloud computing refers to the practice of purchasing blocks of computer time…

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