• marketers growth hacking mindset

    Marketers! Develop a growth hacking mindset.

    Traditionally, marketing has always been a highly multifaceted function. Despite growth being a key strategic linchpin within this, it’s an area that’s easily lost sight of among all the noise and daily routine. If you read our content regularly, you’ll know we love talking about the effect of the new, digitally driven world on the frontiers of old-school business. Much…

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  • YOu have the talent - wheres the value

    You have the talent – where’s the value?

    Are you getting the maximum value from the talent within your organization? Onboarding exceptional talent is a priority for today’s leading organizations, and finding the right person or team for the job is an increasingly difficult proposition - balancing skills versus costs is a challenge, and the wrong decision can cost you substantially from a financial perspective as well as…

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  • 5 cloud migration myths

    5 Cloud Migration Myths

    Cloud migration is the process of moving data and business elements from an organization’s onsite computers to the Cloud.  Despite our digitally savvy age however, a lot of us are still just a little bit nervous of the whole thing, largely due to myths that are floating about in the stratosphere. What are the popular myths that are currently slowing…

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  • demand planning

    Why demand planning is necessary

    The fast-moving, ongoing digital revolution, coupled with the financial crash of 2008, have both forced businesses onto their toes more than ever before.   These days customers are harder to satisfy, and profitability continues to hang in the balance. Organizational objectives are changing in order for companies to compete in such a challenging environment. As a result, the universal need…

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  • the value a single customer view brings to marketing

    The Value A Single Customer View Brings To Marketing

    The idea of the Single Customer View or SCV is already making an impact on how organizations everywhere are understanding, engaging and communicating with their customers. How can it benefit your marketing efforts?   Discover how blur’s Marketplace can help with your targeting strategies   Customization With the introduction of mass customization customers have been able to express themselves even more…

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  • Windows 10 is ready for release. But are you ready

    Windows 10 is due for release. But are you ready?

    With just one year to upgrade for free, and support for the existing systems ending sooner than you might think, there’s little time to hang about.   Albeit not an uncommon workplace procedure, OS migration is every bit as complicated as it sounds. Often attempting to balance the move around day-to-day tasks, IT personnel can struggle to stretch themselves enough…

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