• Online Reviews

    Why Online Reviews are Important to Your Business

    Reviews are important to any business that needs to engage with it’s client and prospect base. Reviews have changed online marketing and the impact of business engagement. Reviews allow your business to have dynamic participation with your clients and prospects. The rise of online reviews has been a manifestation of the people-power led, information age facet of the internet; people…

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  • blur wins Internship Award

    blur receives Internship Excellence Award!

    We’re all excited here at blur as our internship program gets recognition for the great experience and opportunity it provides for our future stars.   blur has a rich history of internships achieving great things within the company - it’s important to us to watch our interns start from a position of education and interest, then evolve to a position…

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  • Successful campaign strategy

    5 Essential Tips for a Successful Campaign Strategy

    For a campaign strategy to be successful, planning is essential. Here are our essential tips to kicking off and nailing a successful marketing campaign strategy: 1. Determine Your  Campaign Strategy Objective What is it that you want to achieve exactly? Of course we all want to ‘increase revenues’...but the question is how? The more specific you are about what you…

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  • Improve your SEO Ranking

    Using Videos to Improve Your SEO Ranking

    Are you serious about your search engine ranking? You should be. If you want to improve your SEO, then you need to consider the power of the moving picture, and how online videos can help push your SEO ranking to the top.   Web pages with a video included stand about a 50-times better chance of appearing on the first…

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  • A to Z of Social Media

    Social Media – An A-Z glossary – Updated December 2014

    It's time to update this much-loved social media glossary. Rather like the dictionaries which introduce words that have become common parlance, we're also ready to showcase the selfie, talk about why vine is vital and cover the increasing use of social media advertising channels like promoted tweets. This list is far from exhaustive, but it’s certainly a good starting point…

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  • Top Presents

    Top 5 Tech Products We’ll Be Buying on Cyber Monday

    We decided to ask some of the boffins here at blur to highlight which products have whet their appetite and will be on their Cyber Monday menu. US technology giant Adobe’s 2014 Digital Index Report predicts that this year’s Cyber Monday will be the biggest EVER by way of sales. Cybercultured consumers (you heard it here first!) are predicted to…

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  • Online Buying

    The Evolving Psychology of Online Buying

    One casually executed click and your beautiful, convenient, and intelligently researched bargain is careening it’s way straight into your grasping yet oh-so-millennial fingers... You’ll soon tear off the packaging with barely contained urgency yet stylish élan, knowing that you’ve played the system once again and come away with the perfect lifestyle statement that will enrich your life and tie your…

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  • Christmas Wishlist

    Top 5 Cool Things on my Christmas List

    I’ve been a good little girl this year. I promise I have. I’ve brushed my teeth every morning, and every evening. I’ve helped with chores around the house and I’ve even cleaned up after the dog.  So, surely, dear Santa, that would make me eligible for one (if not all) of the following coolest Christmas gifts this year?   1.…

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