The writing's been on the wall for some time. The way businesses buy and sell services is being revolutionized. The status quo is no longer relevant. blur has torn up the old play book and replaced it with a new one where projects for talented, capable suppliers are won based on merit.

Democratizing opportunity by casting the net of opportunity wider than ever before. Replacing the way we’ve always done things with a better alternative. It happened with social networking. Now it’s happening with business.

We have thousands of service providers keen to impress you and successfully deliver your project - typically saving you 25%.

How it Works More

blur makes it easy for businesses who need services to work with service providers with the right expertise to deliver what they need.


  • Best value
  • More choice
  • Streamlined processes


  • More opportunity
  • Merit based selection
  • Total control

Enterprise Class Technology and Support

There are jobs that only people can do; the rest blur automates. blur makes it easy for buyers to get what they need and supports its sellers every step of the way so they get to understand the differences of selling online.

Key moments

  • 2007

    As the world starts to talk about crowdsourcing, blur does it with the first of its expert crowds

  • 2010

    With crowds now in the thousands, blur opens for business with its first creative projects being briefed

  • 2011

    The first version of its trading platform for customers and experts goes live. blur adds a number of new services verticals

  • 2012

    blur goes public with an IPO in London and the number of projects passes 1,000

  • 2013

    blur opens a new Global HQ and builds regional operations and s-commerce becomes an industry watchword

  • 2014

    blur announces version 4.0 of its online platform as it passes $300m of submitted project values

Life at blur More

  • 70 Staff
  • 3 Offices
  • 32 Average age
  • 7 Vacancies

Disruptive. Driven. Different.

Media highlights

  • Smarta loves blur Group's business model, growth, customer focus and opportunity for small businesses.

  • blur Group believes ‘s-commerce’ will change the landscape for business services in the way that e-commerce did.

  • blur is bit by bit showing that its s-commerce platform is truly disruptive technology with a big future.

  • No one doubts that Mr Letts has a vision for blur Group - the company could become one of the UK’s tech success stories.

  • Just as e-commerce changed the landscape for product buying and selling, s-commerce is doing the same for business.

  • The concept is appealingly simple. And the problem it seeks to solve is well-known to many small enterprises.

New to blur Group?

Find out how we're changing the way businesses buy services across the world with our regular newsletters and content.

New to blur Group?

Find out how we're changing the way businesses buy services across the world with our regular newsletters and content.